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Comparing and Contrasting the Play Fat Fryers with the Play Treasure Island.

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Comparing and Contrasting the Play Fat Fryers with the Play Treasure Island In Fat Fryers I play a supermarket helper and a woman who has joined a Fat Fighters group. I went to see the play Treasure Island at derby Playhouse on the 17th November 2007 on a school trip. Fat Fryers contains lots of information about health issues, as this is the main concern, whereas Treasure Island was concerned with finding the treasure they have heard so much about. Fat Fryers has a didactic structure and the style is to inform the audience whereas Treasure Island is an adventure story, used to thrill and excite the audience and keep them on the edge of their seats. ...read more.


In both plays, all the actors play a number of different characters each. For example in Fat Fryers, one actress plays eight different parts and also in Treasure Island, one actress played both Jim Hawkins' mother and later a pirate. The props, sound effects and set in fat Fryers are very impressionistic as for example we used chairs as shelves in a shop whereas the set, props and sound effects in Treasure Island were very naturalistic and made the audience think they were real, for example the real wood used for the Hispaniola and the benches in the bar. Both plays contain singing and dancing, however Treasure Island contained many songs, that were also used to help the scene changes flow whereas Fat fryers only has one song and dance and this is considerably less than Treasure Island. ...read more.


The costumes used in Fat Fryers were very naturalistic for the period the play is set as they are supermarket outfits, and clothes that modern day housewives would wear and this fits in with the period. However, Treasure Island's costumes were fitting for the 1700's which is when the play was set and these are pirates outfits so would look out of place in Fat Fryers. In Fat Fryers, the music used is only for the song and dance but in Treasure Island, the music is used throughout to heighten the drama and add tension for the audience. 502 words By Emily Brown ...read more.

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