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Create a piece on Henry Vth.

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Drama Evaluation Our class were asked to create a piece on Henry Vth. We worked in three separate groups to produce a non-naturalistic piece. Once everyone had performed we were then asked to evaluate a group of our choice, but not your own, I chose Jasmine's group. In this evaluation I will be talking about, what I liked and disliked about the group I chose, what could be changed, what was the highlight and other detailed analysis. I chose Jasmine's group because their performance caught my eye. Their piece was very well rehearsed, and you could tell how much effort had gone into making it. I felt the highlight of the piece and the part I will remember most was the end scenes. It came over to me as two scenes combined into one. The first scene had dead bodies sprawled across the battlefield and the second scene had a little girl slowly walking through the poppy fields. Poppies symbolising the many people, who lost their lives in the war, I found this kept my attention because it was an emotional scene that you could relate to. ...read more.


In this freeze frame it depends on where you're sitting to interpret a different meaning. This is one of five scenes that stood out to me. One scene that also stood out for me was the second scene. They were sat in a triangular shape in the centre of the stage, a scatter of levels all forming different freeze frames, in sequence with a line from the play. This was strong to me because they didn't go out of character, they were all in time with the music and they made contact with the audience which then made us involved. Another scene that caught my eye was the marching scene, the music in the background went with what they were doing, all their faces concentrated and they came across as a strong line of soldiers, they in turn said a word. It had got the last soldier and she went forward and repeated the same words two times, this created an atmosphere which then lead to a final scream which ended the scene on a high because it was unexpected. I especially liked this because they started the scene off with strong soldiers and nearer to then end of the scene it shows their emotions. ...read more.


The scene I enjoyed most and the scene I think she was best in was the last scene, she was the little girl; she made me feel connected somehow with the way she sang in a scary voice. If more time was added to the piece and they were able to add lighting, I would add it in, in the first scene. When they are fighting in slow motion the white light should surround them, but when they in sequence say a word the red light should spotlight on that one person. After that one person has said their words and formed a strong army position, the blue light should spotlight on them. The music chosen for this piece was used well, it wasn't quiet and it wasn't loud, but sometimes the volume was louder than the actors were and I was unable to hear what the characters were saying. I think the best way they used the music was the marching scene. The way they included this in the scene worked well, when the characters marched, the music in the background went along with it, which I thought was very well thought out and added to the atmosphere. In conclusion they worked well together to produce a good physical theatre piece, the way they added things in kept my attention throughout, which was the overall aim. ...read more.

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