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Development - Drama from film, tv and radio

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GCSE DRAMA 1699 - Paper 1 Unit 1 Portfolio A01 = Development DRAMA FROM FILM, TELEVISION AND VIDEO Our text we used was from film, television and video. We would then use our chosen text as an inspiration for an improvisation. Our group suggested a range of different ideas. Some included Titanic, which is a love story and a tragedy; however we decided not to use this because we felt we could get more inspiration from another film, TV show or video. We then discussed the possibility of Moulin Rouge, which also deals with love and tragedy but is also a musical. However, we eventually discarded this idea too. Eventually we chose Blind Date a TV show that sets up a boy or girl with a partner which they choose by asking questions to three candidates. Our storyline was very different at first. We were going to start out with a crying girl who was sitting in a restaurant and had been stood up on a date. We would mark the moment by saying her thoughts out loud and then it would cross cut to how this date was set up. We did like this idea because it would catch the audience's attention, but decided that the plot of what lead up to the date wasn't very interesting and wouldn't have enough characters for everyone to play. ...read more.


which subtly suggests the rape has made her pregnant. She also quiet, but is more jittery and nervous than the bride. Rapist- Played by me I played the rapist who was a man in his twenties; I wore a big hooded jumper with the hood over my head. I moved stealthily, which was a mixture of deliberate slowness and sudden jumps. I based it on the slow and then quick movements of a spider. This showed that I was a common fear and that I was unpredictable. My voice was lower and was creepy with a touch of amusement to make me sound scary and dodgy. This showed that I was not doing a good job to hide the wicked intentions in my mind. My face had a simpering grin on it or a look of frustration. I did this by moving only one part of my lips up and occasionally dropping it and rolling my eyes. This showed that I was quick to anger and had horrible ways of revenge that I would find amusing. If I was not in the improvisation it would have been affected drastically. The climax would have not been there when my part grabs the girls hand in the intention of rape. Also the choral narration would be nonsensical as they wouldn't be narrating anything. Also it would mean that the whole last date would make no sense and the message of the improvisation would have been ruined. ...read more.


I now understand the different implications behind Blind Date and the different outcomes these dates could have and also entertainment from humiliation isn't very kind. Also by using these explorative strategies, drama mediums and elements of drama they have helped us improve our improvisations by learning how to make the improvisations purpose seem justified, for example by climax and anti climax (element of drama). They are also more interesting due to characterisation (drama medium) so all the characters are fully fleshed and real Also marking the moment (explorative strategy) has helped me understand that you can convey peoples thoughts through different ways and how this is shown in drama. By using these strategies, elements and mediums I have learnt that it is not just the content of improvisations or plays that are important but also the structure of it which is also important. Elements of Drama such as Forms, Rhythm, Pace and Tempo have helped me understand this. By this I have learnt that improvisations can be greatly improved by using these and make the plot itself seem more interesting. I have also learnt that Drama Mediums such as space not only make the scene as crowded, but also help to show characters relationships. An Explorative Strategy called Marking the Moment has made me understand the benefits of still image and speaking thought out loud and how they do not seem out of place but emphasise a particular moment. Overall these strategies, elements and mediums have greatly improved my understanding of drama and creating improvisations. ...read more.

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