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Devised Practical Evaluation for 'The Guilt'

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Devised Practical Evaluation for 'The Guilt' For my Devised play project I was given the opportunity to work in either pairs or in threes. I chose to work in a pair with a classmate called Vicki Union because I felt that we worked well together and always achieved to write a good, strong play. We were given the task of writing a play based upon one of three themes that were set for us. Theses themes were; Dysfunctional relationships, Failure to communicate or a play following a structural pattern like 'Confusions'. My partner and I liked the idea of basing our play on the theme of Dysfunctional relationships but because there were only two of us, we decided that it would be too complex to proceed. Instead of basing our play on just one of the themes we decided to base our play on both 'Dysfunctional relationships' and 'Failure to communicate' in order to gain more ideas and come up with a more interesting play. Once we had finally decided on our themes, we began to try and think of a fascinating and gripping storyline that would be really effective. Our options were quite limited because there were only two of us so we had to think carefully of a play that would include only two main characters. One of our first ideas was to devise a play about a young teenage girl who was being constantly tormented by a bully. But then we realised that this play would have to be set in school so we would need many more people and a few other main characters. We finally decided on a storyline that was both simple and effective. After much discussion we came up with the idea of a dysfunctional relationship between a mother and daughter. In order to make it more interesting we also based the play on the theme 'Failure to communicate'. ...read more.


The way in which I used my voice while playing Vicki's mother showed how much sadness and pain she had inside of her caused by Vicki's death. While speaking in the ghost scenes I tried my best to fill my voice with utter sorrow to show to the audience the full impact of a mothers anguish at losing a child. During the flashback scenes where Vicki is still alive I tried to act as anxious and worried as possible. I used my voice to show my true desperation and concern to get to the root of the unknown problem with Vicki. In one flashback scene when Vicki's mother reaches breaking point due to her daughters complete change in personality I made sure to speak in pleading tones to emphasis my anxiety and worry about Vicki. By rehearsing the play I began to create my character of Vicki's grief stricken mother. By designing the set I practiced how I was going to move and where I would stand or sit for different scenes of the play. The tech and dress rehearsal helped me greatly to really create my character because I felt huge connection towards my character when I was acting as if it was the real thing, this moved things forward and helped me significantly to fully expose my characters disturbed emotions and feelings. Whilst writing the play Vicki and I decided to keep props to a minimum on the Ghost scenes but on The flashbacks we included many in order to make it look as much like a normal home as possible and give a homely atmosphere when we acted out the various flashbacks .In the ghost scenes we simply had two chairs facing each other on an angle so that the audience could see everything we did. In the various flashback scenes we just created different parts of a home such as a bedroom with a bed, side table with a photo frame on it and candles. ...read more.


The thing that we were not happy about was the ending to out play because although it was dramatically effective, it left the problem unsolved and looked as if we didn't have time or could not be bothered to write a better ending. The problem was that we didn't have enough time to end the play how we wanted to. So we decided on ending it simply and left the mothers intentions unclear otherwise the play would have gone on for too long and we only had 10 minutes. Vicki and I both discussed what improvements we could make and we decided that our play was to emotionally deep and depressing to repeat all over again and we decided that if we had the choice we would have somehow given it a lighter mood. We also decided that we could have improved the lighting and made it slightly more fascinating and complex. We could have done this by using equipment such as gobo's to create different lighting effects. We also agreed that we could have improved by wearing a more attractive costume rather than the both of us mainly in all black. Maybe if we had accomplished this then we could have improved the overall standard of our play and given a more advanced standard of presentation. After the final performance I felt proud of Vicki and myself for accomplishing a good play. I felt that me and my partner fully and successfully explored the themes of 'Dysfunctional relation ships' and 'Failure to communicate' by showing the stressful relationship that mother and daughter shared by arguing and adding irritation in our voices and by never telling the truth to the consequence of death. Although I could have done better I was glad that overall things ran smoothly and all of our hard work had paid off. It really showed that by understanding how hard it must be too lose a child, you could mirror it in your performance. ?? ?? ?? ?? Charlotte Bool 11South ...read more.

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