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Devised self-Evaluation. Our play is about a person who once had a family, job, and life, but after he got fired he loses everything

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´╗┐Introduction: Our first unit of work in the IGCSE was Devised theatre. Our theme was ?The unexpected? and we chose this title because there is an always unexpected things that happens in our life. Our play is about a person who once had a family, job, and life, but after he got fired he loses everything. Then later on in the story a devil and an angel appears giving him idea of earning money. At last the person choses the Devils way instead of the angel?s way of earning money. The devils way of earning money is to wear his old uniform and pretend to be the manager of the supermarket. ...read more.


We first started with the idea of a person who is desperate in need of money. Then we changed it gradually bit by bit, until we are satisfied. Input was shared equally by all members of the group by sharing different ideas and contributing to the group. Each member had contributed something to the group. Some people contributed props, equipment, ideas, and etc. Before the start of the performance I felt really nervous and i also excited about that I was going to perform in front of many parents and peers. It was also the first time I had to perform in the public. ...read more.


For example, I had a hunched back gesture and a cranky voice, when I was being the grandmother. I stayed in role during the performance. I think I need to improve on having more eye contact toward the audience. I admired Andy?s group mainly of their use of comedy and humor. Their exploration of how they used their vocals, and how they used their body gesture was really outstanding during the performance. In conclusion, I think as a group we work quite well and I think our performance was quite successful, but I think there are some improvements to be done. The targets for our devised theatre are that we have to be more confident on contributing ideas to each other. Finally, the target for my performance skills is that i should more eye contact toward the audience. ...read more.

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