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Drama coursework write up

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Drama Coursework Meaning of scene On 29th January, 1979 Brenda Ann Spencer carried out a shooting spree at Cleveland Elementary School in San Diego, California. The school was across the street from Spencer's house, from which she fired the shots. She used a rifle that she had recently been given for Christmas by her father. When Ann's killing spree ended she was questioned whom she wanted to shoot, she said, "I like red and blue jackets". When asked why, she shrugged and replied, "I don't like Mondays. This livens up the day." She also said, "I had no reason for it, and it was just a lot of fun"; "It was just like shooting ducks in a pond"' and the children looked like a herd of cows standing around; it was really easy pickings." At the time of the shootings, Brenda Ann Spencer was 16 years old. Many people were injured in the unfortunate event; Principal Burton Wragg and head custodian Mike Suchar were killed and eight children and a police officer sustained wounds. Our task was to create and perform monologues from the viewpoint of two characters that were badly affected by the tragic incident that occurred. I chose to play the character of Brenda's father while Sarah chose to play the role of the wife of the headmaster who lost his life on that day. ...read more.


But since we decided to disperse our positioning we could use different lighting. If we had been given more rehearsal time we would have experimented with the lighting further as we could have used different lighting for different moments in our monologues. Furthermore we didn't get an opportunity to experiment with music; music could really have enhanced our performance further. I don't think we would have needed costumes as our acting was realistic enough to make the audience believe who we were acting was us. Character For the performance I played the character of Brenda's father. At first I portrayed Brenda's father as being composed about the whole incident. I did this by using a variety of drama devices such as using intentionally pauses, keeping my facial expressions fairly neutral. However at one point I revealed his more aggressive side when he talks about what should happen to her. I did this by raising the tone of my voice and using much more aggressive gestures. The contrast in moods shows that he couldn't deal with what was going and loses control of himself. In addition he soon regrets what he has just said and has an emotional breakdown. I acted the emotional breakdown by collapsing to the ground and using gestures such as grasping my hair. ...read more.


In conclusion I think overall the audience enjoyed our performance. As actors we were also trying to entertain the audience whilst leaving the audience to ponder over the message that we were trying to reveal; that guns shouldn't be given to children as they could ultimately lead to what Brenda did. We also received positive comments from the audience as they thought that we had put in a lot of effort and work in to the practical. One particular response that I got from emerald was that she liked the way I started my Monologue with "Happy Birthday Brenda and also chose to end it that way which made my performance a clear structure. The audience also liked the atmosphere that I created when I dropped the diary. FINAL COMMENTS Overall I think we performed really well on this practical and the response we got from the audience was very encouraging. In my opinion the most important issue that has been raised by this practical is the fact that immature children are given guns and weapons in America for the purpose of self protection which could ultimately lead to what happened to Brenda. From this practical I have learnt that cross cutting is a really useful device which can be used to highlight and contrast a particular theme. Crosscutting can also be used to illustrate a narrative action that happens in several places at approximately the same time. ...read more.

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