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Drama Evaluation

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Evaluation When we did the 6 hour workshop on capital punishment, we looked at some extreme cases like two Somalia women; one was raped and stoned to death; the other was also stoned because she committed adultery, which was seen as crime by law in her country. The other case was about a man who was trying to get his lover's aunt to sell him her farm. When she refused he killed her, but he didn't want to go to jail, so he told his lover that she should take the blame because, she is underage and therefore wouldn't go to jail. However, she did o to jail but she is on death row and is still awaiting her death. Even though, we studied all the capital punishment cases, it was the short plays about Derek Bentley that I decided to evaluate. The other group decided to focus on Derek's personal development throughout their play. The first scene is set with Derek reminiscing about his life on the day of his execution. ...read more.


They soon get caught by a teacher and Chris runs off, leaving Derek to take the blame. The scene isn't done as well as the other scenes; the use of voice isn't clear because sometimes Derek and Chris are shouting and sometimes it's not easy to understand the dialogue between the two. The character of the teacher does a good job at showing the anger and annoyance in the boys. The fourth and fifth scenes merge into one scene which makes it confusing for the audience. The 4th scene only involves Chris and Derek when they're planning their raid. Chris is trying to convince Derek that it's a good idea and knows that Derek is going to agree anyway. There is a very quick pause and the 5th scene starts with Chris and Derek climbing up the stairs. The group used imagery props to show they're climbing. This scene is the pivotal moment of the play, when Chris and Derek get caught by the police. It becomes a bit confusing because everyone is shouting and running around, although at the same time it creates a good scene of panic and a very realistic image of what it most likely would've been like in reality. ...read more.


The use of voice is very effective as Chris' voice becomes more high-pitched when he talks about how easy the raid is going to be. The use of space, however, is the thing that needed improving; if Chris walked around more to show how great the raid is going to be, it would've added more of an affect. The fifth scene goes back to the pivotal moment of the shooting, but this scene is about what happens afterwards. The shooting is now much quicker and the rest of the scene is Chris getting taken away by police. This scene could've improved if the scene showed what happened to Derek after the shooting. Overall, both groups had different ideas but both interpreted theirs by using the same techniques. My group used a series of flashbacks to pinpoint Derek and Chris' friendship and the other group used flashbacks to show the development of Derek's personality. This workshop had a big impact on how much we knew before and how much we know now. I thought these punishments weren't happening around present time, but they are and my feelings are very much against this, no matter how bad the crime was. ...read more.

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