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Drama Responce

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The Toys Talk of the World - Frozen Statues. The technique of Frozen Statues is when the body take the shape of an object. For example, I was told to take the shape of a vase, I would adapt my posture to maybe be as big or as small as possible, and then put put arms above my head to act as I spout to the vase. I would be creating the frozen statue of a vase. In the piece 'The Toys Talk of the World' we used this technique as the key principle to our performance. ...read more.


These people would say the lines that The Vase would say if it was in real life. * The Bird. 3 people in a straight line facing the audience. In the middle of the 3 people holding hands there will be the remaining 3 persons also holding hands with the front of their bodies facing the audience, the outside people would be flapping their outside arm to give this statue more effect. The person at the front will be the speaker. * The Donkey. There are only 2 people in this statue. ...read more.


There must be movement within the statues if they are static then it will become boring and tedious within the first verse of the performance. In my group we tried to add movement to every single one of our statues I have explained what we did above. When my group preformed this piece I think we could have improved on movement between statues. I thought that we didn't know well enough what statue we had to get into next. If we had known it better we could have made the piece flow a lot better so I would have been better to watch. Tom Limebear Drama Coursework - Response Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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