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Drama terroism

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Scene 1/ Opening Opening scene in tablo Narrator: 8:50am, three bombs on the London Underground exploded with 50 seconds of each other. Here just a few stories that happened on one train. 4: We are two sisters who died in the bombings. We were there as we just saved enough money to go on holiday for the first time in 5 years. 1: We both were going on a business trip to an important meeting. 2: I was the bomber and I was only 15 years old when I died. 3: I am a paramedic who was travelling into work. I helped the injured people in the accident, as I was one of the few he luckily survived. Scene 2 5: My sister and me had just saved enough money to go on holiday to Bournemouth, after going off drugs 4: We were so looking forward to it. I had packed all my stuff! We were going to stay in 4 star accommodations with a beautiful view of the ocean. We were going to ride donkeys and maybe a horse and carriage thingy. ...read more.


The women in a veil started shaking, the women and man went up to her to see what was wrong and then, 4: (Interrupts) Bang! (Expresses with body) 5: Yes, bang indeed. After that we died. 4: Yes, well now go away I have a date with that guy in a suit. Scene 3 1: Here's our story. 2: Now I know what you're thinking. Me and him, no, no. (Looks at him) Not happening babe. We were on the train together because we were going to a meeting down south. 1: And of course SHE didn't want to be late so we got the early train there. 2: Look. I didn't know there was a bomber on the train. 1: Yes but didn't ya think the women looked suspicious. 2: I thought that was Mira! 1: Who? 2: Mira, you know Mira. She works in your department. Coffee? 1: Oh yeah! What would she be doing there? 2: She was going on holiday. 1: Oh yeah! (Looks away angerly, 1 turns away and starts flirting with 4) 2: Will you please stop doing that it's really annoying? Nicola shouts "cuie" (Claps loudly) Pay attention! ...read more.


I was told that they had my parent hostage and they would kill them if I didn't do this awful thing. They had a video of them crying, and that was enough prove of me that the thing was real. So I tried to get on the earliest train there. But they didn't let me out of there till sometime near 9. And the bomb was already set to go off in 20 minutes. (Points at people) What would you of done! Or you, or you, or any of you? Oh well, I thought you wouldn't think much. (Sighs and walks away) Scene 5 3: I was a paramedic who was on the train going to work. I was suspicious on anyone having a bomb in the train, especially after 9/11. As, I was just being dropped off at the next station. I heard an almighty bang, which I banged my hand on the table and I felt glass in my forehead. I saw the people around, same with arms or legs, that were surreal and fake that I was there helping all the injured, and some who died in my arms. I felt alone and upset. I was trapped what was I to do? By Cherie Meads 1 Drama ...read more.

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