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Essay comparing short story Paths(TM) with improvised drama developed from news article Mystery o

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Essay comparing short story 'Paths' with improvised drama developed from news article 'Mystery of Dead Young Female' In this essay I am going to be comparing a short story 'Paths' with the improvised version of 'Mystery of Dead Young Female'. 'Paths' is about a boy who decides to go home through the woods, where he finds different paths and does not know which way to go. He finds a girl from the 19th Century and tries to go back in their time, but he can't as soon as he gets close to the exit of the woods to a different time he can't move he gets paralyzed. So he goes back to were he met the girl and she comes along and then they find someone else there, who they think is from the Viking time, but he is from the future and then Kevin runs home. The 'Mystery of Dead Young Female', is used with a bit of improvisation, it is from an article in Southwold Gazette, 19th January, 1869. This is about a young woman found in the porch of a church; she is dead and knows one has bothered to identify her. And they all try not to get involves when they did see her and she approached the Manor House and everyone living in there denied seeing her. ...read more.


Then we have the bit were she approaches the Manor House. And then one of the people gave her bread and milk when she came round, because the lady thought she would be hungry as she has seen her everyday. This had happened on the Saturday. When she find's cottage door's open she stared and then shook her head and moved on. Soon after that we had developed the still picture that we had at the beginning which was a flash back and we showed what happened and ended it with the still picture we used at the beginning. Our still picture was everyone finding her dead on the ground. The story 'Paths' is told by a narrator, who describes all the actions, words, and the thoughts and feelings of the characters. The way he describes the actions is by saying what they do, and when to stop doing whatever the action for example page 125 "She followed silently...... a couple of meters back." At the beginning of the second quarter of the page he does, and he does this the whole way through the book. Again with the thoughts and feeling that he gives the characters, he expresses their feelings and tells us every bit about what they are thinking and feeling till the very end, for example on page 123 near the bottom of the page, ...read more.


And the most effective features in 'Mystery of Dead Young Female' were the flashback, where we showed a still picture of the ending at the beginning and then we went through the story step by step, and the thought tracking because it expresses the feelings and emotions, as well as the music we used when the young woman was knocking on cottage doors, this gave a good effect instead of using voice because the music articulated the feelings that we wanted the audience to feel and it tells the story for that scene. The music we used was by Dmitri Shostakovich a Russian person who played classical music; the piece we used is called Symphony No 5 Start of the First Movement. Overall both of these are similar but are put in different times, they both have some sort of way that they use paths, for example she in 'Mystery of Dead Young Female' she follows paths to different house if you think about it and the mystery kind of follows a path whereas 'Paths' is were a eleven year old boy finds different people from different times on the path he is on, and the story is told in a similar way, but performed differently, as a book and a play. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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