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Evaluate the Role of Intuition in different Areas of Knowledge

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Evaluate the role of intuition in different areas of knowledge As a female, I may consider intuition to be an important element in my life. This is mainly because I find that when I'm intuitive I am using my sixth sense or , in other words that I'm receiving an alert call from within whenever I do not feel strong about a certain thing, situation or person. For example, a person might be walking in a dark alley and all of a sudden get a feeling or some kind of vibe that something is wrong. That person's intuition has become strong enough to warn of the possible danger ahead. The information that contributes to the intuition comes from different, hardly noticeable, observations about the environment that a person doesn't consciously register. However after studying intuition, I've come to realized that my intuition differs from my instinct, my sixth sense. A person who has an intuitive basis for an opinion probably cannot immediately fully explain why he or she holds that view. On the other hand, a person may later rationalize an intuition by developing a chain of logic to demonstrate more structurally why the intuition is valid. ...read more.


A child may say that mice's will prefer cheese rather than sweet but my older brother used what he has gathered in his brain to hypothesize that mice's will prefer something sweet rather than a piece of cheese because of what he has previously found out by certain studies made around the world. Therefore, in natural sciences although one may consider intuition to have an essential role as it is required to form hypothesis, its role is rather small compared to the role of small pieces of information we have been given by our surroundings as we grow up. As for social sciences, intuition can allow a person to see the human behavior with more deepness. Intuition can include the capability to know valid solutions to problems and decision making. For example, the Recognition Primed Decision (RPD) model was described by Gary Klein2 in order to explain how people can make relatively fast decisions without having to compare options. Klein found that under time pressure, high stakes, and changing parameters, experts used their base of experience to identify similar situations and intuitively choose feasible solutions. Up to now, there are no known studies that show that intuition does not have a vital role in social sciences which lead me to conclude that intuition does have an important role in this area of knowledge. ...read more.


More precisely, it is the study of the fundamental elements of the universe, the forces and interactions they make use of on one another, and the results produced by these forces. In history our intuition may help us to decide whether we believe what we are told or not and decide which side of the story we are told we decide to give our support to. However, since history is mainly based on facts, our intuition does not play as huge a role as it does on other areas of knowledge. We may only use it to intuitively realize when we are given biased information however to do such is mostly done by common sense or by ethics and perception. In conclusion, intuition does have an important role in our lives, in every area of knowledge. So far, it has been proven that intuition is certainly a unit of many more which act as a base for each area of knowledge but one must keep in mind that although intuition is present in immense levels in many areas of knowledge, it does not mean that every single area of knowledge requires intuition to function properly yet its development could have not been the proper one if it were not for intuition to be involved. WORD COUNT: 1,223 1 www.wikipedia.com 2 www.answers.com/topic/recognition-primed-decision ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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