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Evaluation. Our piece that we devised from our tragedy was set in the 1940s during World War 2. A solider on the German side has found love with an English woman

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Evaluation-Aberfan Our piece that we devised from our tragedy was set in the 1940's during World War 2. A solider on the German side has found love with an English woman however they cannot be together unless they run away; they have to be with each other as they feel as though they belong. During this piece Victoria is waiting for Timothy but he does not turn up. Victoria is in a terrible rage and feels as though she has been cheated upon, what she does not realise is they real fact of Timothy has been killed during the war and obisly as their relationship has been a separated no one knows to tell her this devastating news. ...read more.


This idea of love and war worked very well, I felt as though we had used a very important area of time and then mixed in with the secret of their love affair. The piece we first created was very much like a soap opera so we felt that it had to be changed which reflected our ability and not a tacky devised piece. Once we had decided on the logistics of the piece we had to perfect it and get running smoothly. I felt as though I learnt skills beyond the simple and basic ideas that are produced at a lower level of work. ...read more.


I felt that each piece both Aberfan and the poem had a very poignant moment which was hard to portray in the devised piece as one is such a large event and the other is so small you would hardly notice it if you read the poem quickly. With this contrast however it makes you look at each very closely to reveal the death of each tragedy. Overall I felt that we finally devised a convincing piece which portrayed tragedy's in different ways, I also felt that I learnt a lot about devising and using non-naturalistic drama devices which will help me in my learning and devising in the future. Livvie Furner ...read more.

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