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Four others and I devised a piece, which was called Radio Times and lasted around half an hour. The piece was set between the years 1979 -1986 portraying a typical family. What it also covers is how the Falklands war, which was in 1982, impacts on t

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DR3 COURSEWORK PROJECT As part of the schools celebration of 50 years the drama class was divided into groups, with the assignment of creating at short play set within the last 50 years. Four others and I devised a piece, which was called "Radio Times" and lasted around half an hour. The piece was set between the years 1979 -1986 portraying a typical family. What it also covers is how the Falklands war, which was in 1982, impacts on the lives of everyone in the family. The style of the play was inspired by 'Willie Russell's 'Blood Brothers' how people are influenced by the social and cultural world they live in. In our play they are all affected by the war in different ways. Both Eddie and Mickey are affected by the economic recession and the play has tragic consequences. One mans live than be influenced and changed by certain events. I went to see this play in London and I was astonished by the cast and how the actors were not only amazing but perfect for the roles and they were brilliant singers this gave me a better understanding of facial expressions and movement these aspects of blood brothers helped me in my own devised piece. ...read more.


5 movie when Joe Jackson the father of Michael Jackson showed little love for his children before watching the Jackson 5 movie I didn't know how to be a awful father but after seeing Joe Jackson horrible attitude towards his children, it actually really helped me to understand my character more. Another way I built my character and got used to being the father was by my mood board and being hot seated in class. Hot seating helped me very much because while in the sat I felt like I was the character and I was acting like the dad this helped me understand the character more which made me really comfortable to be the character . I did plenty research to help with my role like watching many movies when fathers have a big role in like pursuit of happiness this helped me understand how will smith showed his love for his child and this helped with me caring for my daughter rose in the play. Other research I did was looking on various websites what the fashion was for the early 1980s this helped out loads as I look more like a father in the 1980s I found out that they wore black trouser green or blue shirts and mainly wore braces. ...read more.


While we were decided the ending we thought the death of a character but thought it would have been hard to construct that so we choose to do the fight between nick and his father which was quite intense. There were many directing strategies that we came up with but only used some like freeze frames and mimes. These strategies really helped us with the final piece as they got us ready for the day. We were very conscious of pace and used it as a tool in itself to show the groups shared emotions. We began with a quick manor portraying through many short scenes put closely together. The pace then dropped. Additionally, we approached use of space in a resourceful way. we cautiously considered each characters position and thought about how physical distance could hint at character relationship. In conclusion I believe the devised piece went extremely well I was happy with the props lighting and the applause from the audience the whole group were really organized and ready for task in hand and helped with script writing which made everything so much easier for everyone their contribution was outstanding I believe the only downside for me on my part was again my movement I should have had movement other than that I play the whole play was a huge success ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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