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GCSE Drama AO2 - staging and prolouge

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Behnaz Mirzaei 10I GCSE DRAMA AO2 - staging and prologue The task for us was to discuss different ways of staging the prologue with the groups that we were in and to have an input in the creative process of staging a scene. After that we had to develop two different ways of staging the prologue through consideration of drama conventions and design elements like sound and lights. The main challenge for our group was timing! We needed to work on the timing of the narrator's speech from the scripts, and that when the actors should enter the stage and when to get off. We had to consider music and lighting added to the play and we also had to decide what drama elements of convection we were going to use, such as role and tableau. ...read more.


We echoed the word 'wrenches' for the audience to realise that violent word. We also thought about our space, we were using a lot of space and the characters looked far apart from each other which were lowering the quality of our performance so we brought everything together and made the space look smaller. We also tried to use non naturalistic uses for example, "with a stone in place of her heart" we were going to mime by showing the mother putting her fist on her chest/heart although we decided as a group to use that for our second production. Our main character was the mother so we all gave ideas to improve on the roll of mother for example, Abby as the mother ended our production by crying on the floor which will engage the audience for sympathy. ...read more.


We used two blocks on top of each other for the narrator to walk on. We kept the lights dim to indicate a dream like performance and kept the same music at the background. Characters: Kate - Narrator Laura - Echoing voice Janine - The other mother Abby - Lighting Behnaz - Sound Scarlet - The real mother Tammy - 2nd Echoing voice Alex - the other dad As a whole group we liked the idea of our second performance as it was something different and new but we found our first performance more effective and successful as we had a very strong character (the mother) engaging the audience and creating mood! We could make our second production more successful by possibly having the characters speaking over the voice of narrator as its indicating a dream! Overall I think our group did well as a group and used good ideas to create a strong performance! ...read more.

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