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Henry V Play Review

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Henry V Review On the 25th November 2009 our drama group saw the play Henry V, in the North Wall professional theatre in Summertown, Oxford. The play was directed by Lucy Maycock. It was a whole school production (but incidently did not contain any members of the shell year). The genre of the piece was Contemporary Shakespeare which was (it was (set) in Afghanistan). The set was very intricate and contained many hidden meanings, on the floor of the stage the was a H, this could of signified helipad (modern), it also could of signified Henry, or most likely home, because France was rightfully his and so it was his home. There was also a sloping wall, this was the main thing on the stage, it had bullet holes in its textured outside these are both modern, as the textured cover made for the look of a Taliban looking fortress, there were turrets on the top which brought made the wall look old. The wall was often the main obstacle in fighting scenes, it was a barrier between armies, the no man's land, and sometimes seemed as if it was what the armies where fighting not each other but the wall, sometimes soldiers screamed and kicked at the wall, it becomes a wall of death and some of the soldiers for this reason seemed scared of it at times. ...read more.


too, he then wears, basic military uniform, without his hat (showing his high status), then he wears full military with vest and after that he wears his white jacket which is too large for him, this lets us know that he is somewhat of an amateur lover and doesn't know what to do, because is he military born and has spent his life based around military practice, even when trying to woo Katherine he kicks the wall to show his frustration, just as he did earlier on in the play when showing his frustration to his men. The music in the play was the part I admired most, mainly because it was made and compiled by students in the play, percussion was a large part of the sounds used in almost all scenarios, it was loud and often quick, which signified military and also pace in the scene, and danger. The Dauphin's music was played whenever a scene revolving around him opened, his music was in the E minor pitch so descending and threatening, it was also very distinct, it had a noble background of percussion and trumpets but over the top had a gangster mix, this could signify his noble background and also the cover he tries to put on as a gangster. ...read more.


The chorus were one of the main parts of the play, the said at the beginning of the play that it was their play, and I though they pointed out all main stages of the plot and would have made it easier to understand if we had not studied it before watching it, they were dressed all in black, which could have signified their invisibility to the actors, it also made them all look the same (and the way they spoke overlapping each other's sentences made them seems one person), they also looked like shadows but also stood out. They were unnoticed by the actors which could signify that they were ghosts (some of them starred in the play and so they could be ghosts of the dead that died in the war), they could have signified death, because in the minefield scene, whoever they touched was killed. They were the only characters to notice the audience. My overall impression of the play was that it was very well contemporized and that the actors were very skilled because I thought the play must have been very hard to prepare for/act in, if I could have I would have gone again, and I thought that the directing was very good, I got a very positive impression of the play. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ruairi O'Hara ...read more.

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