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Homeless monologue

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Unit 1 development Introduction The task we have been set is to write a monologue about a character that has featured in the last few lessons, Link, Vince, Carole or Mum from the extract from the novel Stone Cold. Or, if we don't want to do one of them we can be someone who is currently living on the streets. We also have to write about the set, costumes, lighting, sounds and props that we could use to suit our characters personality and mood. The character I have chosen to do is a different homeless person. This way, I can invent the character myself and play them in a complete different way. I can give them any background and any personality. The personality I have chosen for my character is a strong one because they have been living on the streets for a number of years. Costume, sound, lighting, set and props. The costume that I would have would be a simple one. Grubby shoes, torn jeans and t-shirt or jacket with dirt on it. ...read more.


It reads: homeless, hungry, but human.] [Walks up to different people in the audience] Some spare change please? For a cuppa? To decorate my living room? [Goes CS] Of course, I live on the streets. I don't have a room to live in. I don't even live! I survive. My name's Charlie, not that you care, and I don't expect you to remember it. I came here [Takes hands out of pocket and counts on fingers] 4 years ago now. I came looking for adventure and did I get it? Yes, I did. [Puts them back in pocket] How did I get here? Blame the parents. That's what my mum used to say when she saw a kid doing something wrong. And yeah, I blame them for me coming out on to the streets. [Moves towards someone] My dad reckoned you could teach kids better things [Holds hand up, back facing their face] Like the back of a hand. ...read more.


Impact is coming. Is it a waste? I don't think my life is. If it was, I wouldn't need your money, or guilt. They amount to about the same thing. [Goes into pocket and brings out some change, counts it out and throws it to the floor] 58p. 58p. 58 fucking pence. And that's what you gave me during 3 days. [Picks it up then goes CS] Well it was nice chatting. I got to get to sleep. Got an early start tomorrow catching you lot as you come out of Waterloo Station. If you pass by there you might see me and my dog. He, at least I think it's a he, hasn't got a name; these things are pointless on the streets. Can you remember mine? [Pause, waiting for an answer, throws arms up and turns away] Didn't think so. No one cares anyway. Thanks for listening, been nice to talk to someone else. It makes a change. Just not the change I want. [Picks up placard. It reads: homeless, hungry, but human.] ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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