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How have the explorative strategies/drama mediums helped you to understand the theme of heroism in your practical exploration?

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´╗┐How have the explorative strategies/drama mediums helped you to understand the theme of heroism in your practical exploration? Thursday 19th July 2012 RELATE TO HEROISM Everyone has their own hero, be it their father or a famous celebrity, but what really makes a hero is a matter which has been discussed as we speak. My initial understanding of Heroism was very basic and stereotypical: ?men who carry out brave acts?. This interpretation was reflected in the first activity which involved composing a number of still images. Some of these still-images involved policemen, doctors, firemen and soldiers. It was clearly evident that a high percentage of the class, including myself, had a very ?black and white? perception of heroes. This is clearly incorrect as there are many female heroes such as Irena Sendler and others. Despite the decrease in this stereotypical image, many still believe that a hero must be a man, i.e. in films such as James Bond or The Island. In order for my understanding of Heroism to develop, we were instructed to practically explore the features of heroes and understand how ?A Man?s Freedom Fighter is another Man?s Terrorist.? The activities varied, according to the medium or element we were experimenting with. ...read more.


It was important at this point to concentrate the audience?s attention on centre stage where the dialogue between Irena and the parents was taking place. I then became involved in the discussion after Irena said ?I can only take one of them.? This strategy was complemented by someone in the audience who thought my entrance was the epitome of perfect timing and enhanced the drama of the moment arousing empathy from all quarters. Following the performance, Mr Stevens gave me constructive criticism which included his insistence for me to come in more forcefully as it would elevate my importance in the family decision process. Lucy, on the other hand, only became involved after she heard her name. We, the family, and Irena started to discuss the rescue plan of Lucy, who was obviously in shock from her facial expressions, to hear such news: a pivotal dramatic moment further amplified when Lucy said to the family ?I can?t leave you, you are the only thing I have in my life.? To make sure that she was the focal point I stood away and this effect was acknowledged by a ...read more.


She gave Lucy a long hug at the end, down ? stage centre, which was definitely the spotlight of attention. Another set of activities involved the Mr Steven Nyembo-Ya-Muteba social conflict: a major incident which resulted in the murder of a Mathematical Cambridge Candidate on the 20th October 2006. The father of two was stabbed through the heart as he struggled with one of the 15 youths in the foyer of his flats. Only one of the youths, named Joseph Ekaette, also known as Tiny, was charged with felony of murder. The others were released on bail as no forensic evidence was found. When asked to use forum theatre and hot-seating, we decided to act out the gathering of the gang members soon after the killing had occurred. The task involved us Unlike the previous mentioned activity in this essay, the tempo in this activity had to be quite high in order to build up the tension in order to result in an effective climax. However, another group decided to slowly build up the tension to result in an amazing ending! Mahmoud E. M. ShehabThe Truth Behind Heroism GCSE Drama ...read more.

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