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Job Description

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Basic Job Description Production Manager The job of the production manager is to assemble and lead the production staff, the stage manager also decides how much each department gets he's in charge of the money. The Production Manager will deliver the working budget to the financier during the "prep" period, therefore setting the business plan of the project. Typically, Producers are responsible for the cost-related decisions on above-the-line (primarily cast) issues, while the Production Manager is responsible for the below-the-line (production period) costs. The Film Director will usually have final decision on Cinematographer, Costume Designer, Production Designer, and Film Editor), and the UPM will make the deals and hire the remaining crew. Stage Manager Stage Managers are responsible for the running of the show when it is 'up' or has started. Although the Deputy Stage Manager is often the one who 'calls the show' - which means tells the technicians what to do. The Stage Manager is responsible for organizing the production, communicating across different disciplines, and keeping everything running smoothly Assistant Stage Manager An ASM or assistant stage manager is a theater technician who is responsible for keeping track of cast members, sets, and miscellaneous details during rehearsals and production of a stage performance. ...read more.


cues for technical departments, such as lighting, sound, video and scene changes, are called by one of the stage management team from the prompt desk * Nightly performance reports are sent to the director and management. After the run of performances is over, the stage manager also supervises the 'get out', when all the production equipment is removed from the theatre. In larger productions, stage managers lead a team, usually consisting of a deputy stage manager and one or more assistant managers. In small shows and fringe tours, one person may carry out all the stage management tasks. Salaries for assistant stage managers may start from around �14,500 a year. Hours and environment Stage managers' working hours are often long and irregular, dictated by production times. Evening and weekend work is common. The work is based in theatres and other arts venues. The backstage areas of some theatres can be dark, cramped and stuffy. Physical stamina is essential. Stage managers are often expected help move or lift props. Stage managers may go on tour with a production, which can involve lengthy stays away from home. It is important to have a driving license as they may need to collect props or drive cast and crew members between venues. ...read more.


Training Most training is done on the job. Organisations such as the SMA run short courses in specific skills. Companies are often unable to support training financially, so stage managers may have to take responsibility for their own professional development. Getting on Stage managers often need to work with a number of different companies to advance in their careers, potentially working their way up to posts with national companies. In a larger organisation, they may be able to progress to company stage manager, with wider duties such as publicity and financing. It may be possible to move into other areas of theatre, such as directing or producing. Another possible move is into film and/or TV, starting as a trainee floor manager. Unions If you want to be an actor and you want to get a job in the performing arts you can join Equity, Equity is a UK Trade Union representing professional performers and other creative workers from across the spectrum of the entertainment, creative and cultural industries. Unions exist to aid the employee of a company. They are the link between the employee and employer; a good union steward will fight for the benefits and wages that employees are making. In other cases being a union employee can help to save a job that in other cases may have been terminated. ?? ?? ?? ?? Duhanie Salmon 11B ...read more.

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