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Leaving home evaluation.

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Leaving home evaluation We did a presentation on the reason the girl left home taken from the stimulus she is leaving home. We interpreted the song as though she left because her parents were too controlling over her and not allowing her any freedom and fun we enacted these thoughts into the presentation by making the first reason of her leaving one where she is leaving to go to her best friends birthday party when her mother confronts her and tells her that she cant go because its too late the girl tried to talk to her parents and bargain with them but they just don't listen and so she goes back upstairs. The ways in which this was done well was that the mother and father didn't shout or tell their daughter off they just kept on badgering her not to go and came across as sincere yet very arrogant making you feel sorry for the girl who was politely trying to persuade with very fair compromises also when told not to go she didn't throw a tantrum or storm upstairs she seemed genuinely persuaded by her parents not to go. ...read more.


Because we were in a group of three each person got to do a monologue for one of the fears of Roland we chose a monologue in order to give a pattern to the performance and make it onto more of a storyline instead of separate scenes. The first 2 monologues were used in the normal way (one person standing up and talking aloud and the last one in the form of a dream were Roland is at a funeral (because the audience do not know its Roland they assume the funeral is for him) and he then asks what's happened and someone shouts your mothers dead then another person repeats it and the other 2 characters repeat it in unison until Roland wakes up screaming. The monologue were also used to show clearly what Roland's fears were coming straight fro the character himself. When I did my monologue is poke in shaky formal voice, shaky- to show the stress and fear Roland was identifying in war and formal to suit the time of when WW1 Was (1915). During my monologue I moved in sharp panicky movements to portray me to be neurotic because I had just witnessed a death. ...read more.


Due to all these characters I got to understand hoe to varied certain things in order to suit a character e.g. tone for the mean father I used a provocative tone, for the nice father I used a kind tone, for a ship worker I used a tough tone for a soldier I used a frightened tone and for a manipulative mother I used a persuasive tone. In this topic I disliked the war theme, as it was quite depressing With all the deaths that were involved. My key moment was when I performed a monologue of Roland's fear of dying because I always hated doing monologues and never performed them properly using tone movement facial expressions and gestures and in that particular one I managed to use them all. My best improvisation was the positive one for leaving, I liked it because my humour was successful (which hasn't been in the past and I've ended up just standing there awkward, and ashamed of trying to get a laugh, with such a weak joke. My best character was probably the manipulative mother because I got a very hateful response towards her (which is a good thing). This topic has taught me to always take a subject and look at it from lots of different angles. Saher Rashid CAN: 3623 Mayfield school and college Centre number: 13305 EVALUATION PHASE ...read more.

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