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MACBETH Act 4 Scence 1

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MACBETH Act 4 Scence 1 Having considered my own expectations of Act 4, scene 1, I expected it to be a turning point for Macbeth and to highlight Macbeth's lack of control at this time. The scene creates an eerie atmosphere from the beginning with the witches round a cauldron. This atmosphere and sense of what is going to happen draw's the audience's attention at this time. During the scene Macbeth goes to the witches for reassurance. He has committed a crime. He has murdered to become king. It is in his mind, and he feels guilty. Scotland is in turmoil and he is struggling to hold onto power. He needs more information to make himself feel better. He sees the witches as being able to show him this information because they have told him what was going to happen before. This is not the first time we see the witches, infact they open the first act and reoccur throughout the play. The first time Macbeth meets the witches they tell him that he will be king and that Banquo would not be king, but his children will be. ...read more.


With not understanding the true meaning of the apparitions, then asks the witches "can tell me so much- shall Banquo's issue ever reign in this kingdom?" He is shown a show of eight kings, the last with a mirror, and Banquo following. From the apparitions he feels slight comfort, but this show of eight kings contradicts the three apparitions. Macbeth is shattered, he now knows he will not be able to keep control of Scotland. After this episode he learns that Macduff has fled to England. Macbeth orders the death of Macduff's wife and children. This is Macbeth's lowest point because there is not any need to kill them. This shows just how far Macbeth's character has deteriorated. He entered the scene with so much power and aggression, this soon changed, and he found himself having to plead with the witches for help and onto this murder. As the scene has gone on he has become more vulnerable. This is one of the noticeable points of the scene. At the start of the production the witches are seen to have a hierarchy. ...read more.


This highlights that this is all not real. We can only imagine what he is seeing which makes it quite disturbing, but it is obvious that Macbeth is frightened by it. In the text Macbeth is seen to try and regain control by asking more questions. On screen he remains influenced by the apparitions. In the text he orders Lennox to enter saying, "come in, without there!" In the production he is surprised to see Lennox, who enters with two other characters to find Macbeth blindfolded. This shows he has no control and Lennox would have to question what he was doing. Overall I have found Nunn's production of the scene very effective. In the reading of the text I have seen how Macbeth's character has deteriorated. In the production he is never seen to be in control but it does show him to become powerless of the situation. The main point of act 4, scene 1 is Macbeth's lack of control. The camera movements and directions, which sometimes are not visible in the text, highlights very well to the audience of this and after considering my own expectations I have found Nunn has produced a very effective production of the scene. ...read more.

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