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Mask Work in Drama.

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8R Mask Work in Drama Last lesson was something very different and unusual to what we normally do. There was no warm-up, like we usually have. We went straight into the topic we were doing for the lesson. Masks. Here, we focused on the dramatic use of masks. Although the masks were not beautifully decorated with a large amount of detail in facial expressions, they provided us training with the clear, obvious looks on each separate mask. I will go into more detail about this aspect later in this composition. We were then asked to put ourselves into pairs. Each pair was given a specific mask. Michelle and I got a mask looking something like the picture to the side. ...read more.


For example, if you are wearing a sad, depressed mask, and you go on stage with a cartwheel and you're jumping around with an excited body language, you are being sarcastic. Since our face was a rather bizarre face, we started by coming up with words to describe it. Confused, 'mentally-challenged', clueless, Annoying, and carefree were some of the words we came up with. Our first skit was a comedy about a mask less person walking down the street, then choking and dieing, which is quite humorous already. Then, the other person (with the mask on) walks up to the dead person, not knowing what was going on. He then does absurd things like pick his nose and wipes it on the body. This is an example of a dense being. ...read more.


The exaggeration methods that were used were the movement of hands with spread out fingers, shaking of body and head, and a lot of 'hands-on-head' movement. The only thing I think that our skits could improve on is practicing and organizing skit number two. When it was being performed, it was just improvised. We didn't have planning or anything, all we knew was what the story was going to be about. Otherwise I believe the skit could have been much better. We could have made it more comical and added and organized some more parts. As it was a rather short piece altogether, we don't have many improvements. However, looking at other performances, I noticed that we could have increased the amount of exaggeration. Other than that, the drama itself was too short to have much to improve on. ...read more.

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