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Monologue in Jessica

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Topics: "Brought back to life after 100 years, how does your character respond to the way society has progressed and it's response to them now in comparison to before?" By_ Peter Lee My character: George Thomas It makes me so angry that people don't recognise that I am a powerful man! I have money, status, but those stupid people don't know who I am. When I used to dine at luxury restaurants, department store, hotels and other famous places, I was recognised as George Thomas usually, have people give me top service. That's a now a problem of course. Now people expect me to sit with filth. When I complain to the manager about the pitiful service and behaviour of the bloody waiters or waitresses, they look at me like I am some fool! ...read more.


Eww! It's really disgusting! It doesn't make sense! I can't have a meal in the presence of this company, I must complain at once to the manager...he must not realise this is happening! Hey, manager! Do you think this make sense? Huh? You don't know what I'm talking about? Oh, you bloody idiot! What's wrong with your brain? Why is this black animal in this restaurant, let alone the table!!! (Hey! what are you looking at?)...Look here Mr Manager! Throw her away or you'll regret what you've done! I will take my money else where and ruin the reputation of this restaurant if you do not remove her! What? What did you just say? What the hell are you talking about? Because she is your customer, you can't let her out? Oi, do it or I'll walk out of this restaurant, you son of bitch! ...read more.


Listen to me! Do you think it is acceptable for whites and blacks to be in the same place? You can't just remove me from here! They are the ones being indecent! Look at them! Filthy Black dogs and white humans can't live together, you know?! What? You're telling me to, 'Shut up!'? You don't know who I am? I'm George Thomas, the wealthiest man in the city, you know! Everyone knows who I am! I have the power to take everything from you! What? Yeah, you think I am racist! Mate! I'm bloody normal, the only normal one in this place! I am normal, you know! Those disgusting aboriginals should've been kicked out of Australia! What have they done for this country??? Tell me that! And the other Asian should've been banned from my precious land too! They will ruin this country, you wait and see! I'm George Thomas! I AM George Thomas! ...read more.

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