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Response Phase: Stags And Hens.

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A Play by Willy Russell Set in a Liverpool club, based on Linda and Dave on their respective stag and hen nights. We join the characters at the venue where, unbeknownst to each other, Linda and Dave have decided to hold their respective parties. The main characters are, Dave and Linda, the husband and wife-to-be, Carol, the person who flirts with everyone, Robbie brings humour into the play with his misfortunate accident involving chicken curry, Maureen, the emotional person, Billy, the "artist" among them, Bernie, the most outgoing of the group, Eddy, the angry person, Kav, who is being helpful with Dave, Billy, the naive person, Frankie, the sarcastic person, Peter, one of Linda's previous boyfriends, who causes confrontation later in the play, Linda herself is in a state of disillusionment all night, and thus is sulking, Kav, the person who admires Billy's "art", and the Roadie, Peter's friend who has a small cameo in the play. The play follows the antics of the two groups of people, and how they end up at the same venue. In my opinion, this is a humorous play full of innuendos and 'double-entendres', and a group of characters that compliment each other brilliantly in a way that only Willy Russell could show. ...read more.


There are not many criticisms that I can make about this play, but, if I had to, I would say that one is the length. In my opinion, this play was too short to be enjoyed fully, as, as I mentioned earlier, once you pick it up, and start reading, the reader will not stop until the end. Also, the ending is not to my satisfaction, as it is too unlikely that a situation such as that would occur. Lastly, I would have to say that I, as a member of the audience, would have liked to seen a scene such as the day of the wedding, or a scene from a period of time in the future, so to see how the events unfolded after the conclusion of the play. If I was to describe one character in detail, I would choose Dave, the husband-to-be. When we first join the play, we hear that he is feeling the impact of having drink before going to the club, and we hear of him vomiting violently. After this, he drifts in and out of consciousness. In his lucid moments, it became apparent from his repartee that he has a thorough command of the English language. ...read more.


After this, we had to summarise the first two acts in 30 seconds, which meant that we had to bring out the main points of the acts. This was an activity that was particularly strenuous because it took a great deal of thought to summarise the main points and compress them into a 30 second time period. The main points included the fact that Dave was being sick all the time, and that the majority of the girls were out dancing and enjoying themselves. We incorporated our earlier still image pieces into a larger action piece, based on the same topic, but with a great deal more movement involved this time. This was not as taxing as the last piece as we already had the main basis of the piece; we just had to elaborate on it slightly. After this, we had to perform our own version of the opening scene, based on our combined impressions. In this, I was Kav, and had to be supporting Dave into the toilet, and then frantically try to clean the chicken curry, that Dave has just vomited onto my trousers, off. There are many themes in this play, but a number can be singled out. Humour is a major recurring theme in this play, as is the relationship between characters. Also, swearing appears regularly. ...read more.

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