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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 2363

Response to a six hour drama workshop.

Extracts from this document...


GCSE DRAMA PORTFOLIO PAPER ONE - UNIT ONE "HISTORY / HIS STORY" BY MURRAY FULFORD - 1107 RESPONSE We held a six hour drama workshop in which a number of tasks were completed, studied and analysed. We concentrated on 2 drama texts, the first of which being an artefact - namely a shoe. We were asked to hold and look at it, so as to name it. I saw the shoe as old and well worn - with its tattered leather, putrid - from its long life and probably peculiar in the fact that is was by itself - not part of its original set. The second drama text we used was Grandpa's Shoes - Deborah Chandra. This was a poem that Mrs. Awbery read to us: Lying by the back door, Grandpa's shoes Speak in a husky whisper: 'Step inside,' they say. We're big and bruised And scuffed, but Down past the tough We've worn ourselves soft We've been somewhere. I saw the poem as relative to the shoe that had been shown to us, as it was very similar to what I saw - big, scuffed and bruised which I interpreted as battered or well-worn. We were asked to name the shoe's owner to begin an identity of it. I worked with Sean for this task. ...read more.


We discussed the pros and cons of each story and which would be the most interesting to do for the audience with the available equipment. The scene within a scene was relevant but created the problem of how to go about making this division obvious to the audience without taking the emphasis away from the actual storyline(s). We decided that the medieval beheading with the fight ensuing because of the fate was probably the best of the choices we were given as it could include a number of dramatically techniques and could be done easily without any specialist equipment. We were talking to each other and gave each other the chance to speak their ideas and we gave positive criticism to some ideas that were either too far-fetched or ideas that did not appeal to many members. We all eventually agreed that the medieval beheading was the best and so we began to give out parts to each other based on who we thought would be the most suited to the role and what people wanted to do. With 5 characters needed I was given the role of 2 characters. We needed a murderer - so as to give a reason for the beheading, a victim - to be murdered, two characters - to fight and an executioner - to behead the criminal. ...read more.


I thought that the ways of using drama mediums - Still Image, Extend/Advance, etc. - were extremely effective ways of learning more about others ideas on a constant topic. The actual performances were useful in the fact that they gave everyone an equal chance to perform their ideas and also gave practise for when the actual examination of performance comes around. What I have learnt from the Drama Workshop I learnt that it is essential for a play to listen to others ideas so as to create an invariable view in a group of how each character should look, feel and perform. This means that everyone can perform easily with each other I also learnt about different aspects of drama, such as hotseating, which was previously unknown to me. It is needed for creating a solid piece of drama. I learnt about how to create a still image that was not only relevant, but important to the play. I used to choose any point when doing this but I learnt that it was important to choose your moment carefully. The final thing I learnt was that drama is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of energy and commitment and listening to others views patiently before putting your own forth. It can be very tiring and sometimes aggravating when you are waiting to be heard and it seems as though everyone else goes before you. ...read more.

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