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'Some Human Beings Are Evil And Not Mentally Ill'

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'Some Human Beings Are Evil And Not Mentally Ill' I agree with the above statement that some people are pure evil and do not have any mental illnesses and I believe there to be many reasons to back this statement up. But I also agree that some people do have mental illnesses and are not evil. The reasons that I believe some people are mentally ill and are not plain evil are as follows: - They commit crimes in a careless way They commit suicide shortly after they have committed a crime or done something They seem incapable of rational thought They have a history of illness When I say they commit crimes in a careless way, I mean that they do not think about how the crime can be brought back to them. For example D.N.A testing, they leave fingerprints over their victim(s) ...read more.


The thought processes of a normal person would be very different to that of a healthy person, for example a healthy person should be shocked at the events of September 11th 2001 but a mentally ill person may find it funny or amusing, this is the type of thought which could lead them to murder someone. Finally the most blatantly obvious reason, they have a history of mental illness in their family or the person has. This explains itself and people who have history are usually kept under close watch. The above reasons support that some people are not evil and mentally ill. In the next paragraph I am going to give reasons as to why I believe some people to be pure evil, these are: - Crimes are committed perfectly and are planned perfectly The person is a genius The crimes are normally on ...read more.


People like Bin Laden and Sadam Hussain are known terrorists and have committed many crimes in their time, so they do not break down emotionally when they kill someone, like a mentally ill person would do, an evil mind has no emotion. Finally for most terrorist attacks there is a motive, for world war two there were many motives. But a mentally ill person often picks someone a random with no reason to kill, rape or assault them e.g. the Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman case, the offender had no reason to kill them, what had two ten year old girls ever done to him and her? I conclude that some people are mentally ill and can prove it, but others use has an escape route to cover up what they have done wrong! Craig Robertson Homework 17/9/02 ...read more.

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