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The Good Luck Gift

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The Good Luck Gift I had borne the thousands of injuries of Rebecca as best I could, but when she added insult to injury - by not only callously stealing the lead role away from my grasp (in the forthcoming play), but then by requesting that I serve as her understudy as opposed to receiving my own role - well, I vowed revenge. However, you, who know my nature so well, will know also that I did not give utterance to a threat, but decided that at length I would be avenged. It must be understood that neither by word, nor action, had I given Rebecca cause to query my goodwill. I continued (as is my nature) to smile at her, wish her luck for the opening performance and continually shower her with adoration and praise. My thoughts of misconduct were entirely imperceived, how could she identify that my joy was in fact present at the thought of her downfall. ...read more.


"Come" I said with resolution "We should return, for if that was the cast call bell, we shall still have sufficient time to prepare you for tonight's performance. Besides, these gifts are surely not more important than this show's, and your own, success." "No they are not, but my performance would be greatly hindered if I had not seen these offerings, as my mind would be preoccupied in pondering what wonders awaited me. Let us continue" And so we did. We sustained our route in search of the gifts, gradually quickening our pace so as not to miss any part of the show. It was in this haste that Rebecca caught her hair upon a protruding piece of machinery, which therefore led to her tresses falling down from where they had been expertly positioned. "Come" I said again "Let us go back ere it is too late. Your hair now also needs attending to." "It is nothing, it cannot ruin me. ...read more.


"You despicable rogue! Now let me go, for I must take my place on stage!" "Oh no!" I cried "I shall leave you there a while and see how you relish being left out of the limelight, while I take centre stage!" And at this I heard her begin to sob. But I had no time to stop and delight in her sorrow. With one last look at her prison, I hastened upwards, towards the stage and my affectionate, adoring audience. She must have heard me leaving as she shouted one last time, in a malicious, sorrowful voice, which I hardly recognised as that of the dignified Rebecca. "Ha! Ha! Ha! He! He! A superb joke, indeed, an outstanding hoax. We shall laugh till the early hours with this tale - he! he! "Yes, at the aftershow party!" I said "He! He! He! Ha! Ha! - yes, the party He! He! But is it not getting late, should we notmake our way back to the theatre? Let us be gone." "Yes," I said "let us be gone." And with that, I was gone. Words - 1,063 ...read more.

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