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The importance of the characters in a story.

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Enrique Granados Greavu-Comley ENGL 1102 T/TH 9:30 5 Feb. 2004 Characters Many people do not realize the importance of the characters in a story. Most readers usually identify themselves with the character's features making the story interesting. Many young kids may like to read about superheroes because they want to be like them, or young adults may feel they have something in common with the character that has great expectations about life. However, a plain description of a place would never be as much interesting as a story that has characters that readers can relate to them by their actions or features. Authors use different methods to create characters that can be easily related to the reader. ...read more.


The actions from the characters in the story, tells us sometimes what the person is like. The girl from the story "Enough" by Alice McDermott, has a very particular way to eat ice cream: "She does not load the spoon up and then run the stuff in and out of her mouth, studying each time the shape her lips had made ( 'Look how cross-eyed she gets when she's gazing at it')" (145). She eats the ice cream in an addictive way. Eating ice cream like that, is not going to keep anybody slender . The woman never stopped eating ice cream in big quantities, which makes her a static character and motivated because of the pleasure that she gets from eating the ice cream. ...read more.


(333). However, he had a dream that changed his personality dramatically making his name ironic and contrary to what it is supposed to mean. He switched his good personality to a bad one "A stern, a sad, a darkly meditative, a distrustful if not a desperate man did he become from the night of that fearful dream" (340). This story in particular emphasizes on the names of the characters. Such as, Faith who is Goodman's wife and a woman called Goody Cloyse who gave him catechism in his childhood. These two ladies affected Young Goodman Brown's life in a positive way, but in the end, he mistrusted everyone including them. It is fun analyzing the characters knowing the different techniques the authors use, such as: physical features, names and actions. All these techniques help readers to relate themselves even more to the characters and perhaps learn a lesson from the characters' lives. ...read more.

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