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The novel "The Stone Angel" by Margaret Lawrence can be described as a modern tragedy.

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A modern tragedy is an imitation of an action that is serious, complete, and of a certain magnitude; in a language established with each kind of artistic ornament, the several kinds being found in separate parts of the play; in the form of action, not of narrative; though pity and fear affecting the proper purgation of these emotions. The novel "The Stone Angel" by Margaret Lawrence can be described as a modern tragedy because of the tragic plot, the tragedy in a character and the specific elements of a tragedy. The plot in tragedy is the belief that the action and the plot are the most important elements in a modern tragedy. The character is important but without a constructive plot there could be no tragedy. Firstly, the reversal of situation is a factor in the development of the plot and "The Stone Angel" happened to have a strong contrast from circumstances. ...read more.


She got into an argument with him about Arlene and told her son that she didn't want Arlene in her house. Since the death of her son John Hagar was never able to morn until one night she confessed her depression to a man she met at the cottage. Hagar exploited the scene of recognition by finally shedding tears over the death of her youngest son. Thirdly, the scene of suffering was included in the novel when Hagar felt more pain then ever at the cottage and wasn't able to have help with anything. Then at the Hospital the pain started to be unbearable and she surrendered to her death. Character in a Tragedy 1. Hagar is a good person in the scene where she discusses leaving Brampton with John. ...read more.


4. Nearing the end of the story Hagar begins to realise how bitter she's been in the past years and tries to rectify it. Also she is more open to accepting the things she does not believe in, like Mr. Troy. * Throughout the entire novel Hagar's personality was bitter and unloving. Then, after the recognition scene she felt more compelled to show her love for her family members. Specific Elements of Tragedy 1. Hubris: Hagar was very proud as a child and it continued into her old age when she didn't want to move out of the house she bought with her own money. * ... Then lesson 6 2. Nemesis: The consequences to Hagar<s pride in old age was that she ran away to a cottage and got really sick. * Hagar faced the ultimate situation of nemesis for her actions, her death. 3. Agnorisis: Hagar realises that pride is her fatal flaw. " ...read more.

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