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Tragedy development

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Development- Tragedy To incorporate our role play and the freeze frames so they worked together our group had to alter a vast amount of the piece, which meant the cross-cutting between the scenes changed too so coming up with different and inventive ideas that made sense with the freeze frames and the role play was tough. To start of the whole piece Izzy and Jessie read out meanings and quotes of the meaning tragedy, this is not a scene which needs to be cross-cut as it's something we felt would give atmosphere and tension to the play. Nichole and I have a row to start the very first scene; chairs are spewed across the room so the set is ready for the next first scene of the Aberfan freeze frames. ...read more.


Our play is set during the second world war, a soldier has fell in love with a women however they have to run away as they are from opposing sides of the war and cannot be together. Timothy not arrived at the train station where they agreed to meet and Victoria is distraught. The piece of dialogue that I feel was very important to the play was right at the very start of the devised piece. As said before the part that I play is getting more and more wound up, smashing chairs and shouting at her best friend. (Livvie is throwing chairs around and screaming) Livvie: (Stuttering due to her rage) Tip-Timothy! ...read more.


Ever again! (Nichole looks hurt and abashed while Livvie is fuming at what her best friend has just said. Nichole walks off stage and livvie takes to the front of the stage to say her monologue.) Livvie: (Almost in tears now) I just can't believe he could be so nasty as to leave me waiting and never turning up for me. I love him well lets say I loved him and I though he loved me. Jus shows you should never trust a man! But I do trust him with all my heart, we were going to run away for this treacherous war and get married and live together for all our lives, now im alone then again not for too long not now im pregnant with is child. (She bows her head while floods of tears run down her pale face) Livvie Furner ...read more.

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