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Unit 1 Task 2-The Development Phase

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Unit 1 Task 2- The Development Phase The Drama Medium: The Drama Medium consists of costume, masks, sound and music, space and levels, props, movement, gesture, voice and the spoken language there are many more but they are the mediums we have used for the Greek play 'Oedipus'. Costumes: costumes can be modern clothes or a fancy outfit. You may want to wear perhaps just black, with indications of character as an extra feature. For example, a hat, shawl or jacket could signify a character. Sometimes, in stylised drama, the items of costume are exaggerated - so a jacket could be in very bright colours. For our Greek play we wore sheets to represent togas, we wore different colour sheets and had different colour ribbons around us to represent our status. By using the different colours for example wearing gold would mean that you're the king and have a high status it showed the audience who we were. Masks: Masks may be single colour, painted, full-face or half-face. We used mask because the Greeks wore masks so that when their acting they will act only by using their voice and movements also when they switch characters the audience won't find out that they have switched. ...read more.


By using these props it improves the play. Movement and Gesture: movement is where we move on the stage, upstage, downstage, avoiding not masking any other actors. It's also how we move to help our characterisation for example moving slowly, painfully. And also how we move in relation to other characters, threateningly, fearfully, in a friendly manner, etc. We used many types of movement in our drama, when we was fighting we used aggressive and strong movement. Gesture is the use of our arms and sometimes legs to communicate ideas to the audience. We used arm movements for example when doing the coral speech we used different arm movements go with what we were saying. By using gesture it emphasises the performance. Voice: consists of the tone of voice, volume and pace. The tone of voice has to suit the kind of drama your playing for example happy, soft angry etc. My tone of voice was mainly strong because I was playing strong characters. Your volume has to be high so that the audience can hear you; I thought that my voice was loud. When saying your lines you have to get the pace right, if you speak very fast the audience won't understand you and if you speak very slow they will get bored. ...read more.


My character was to be strong and powerful because I was the Polybus and also the Great Sphinx. For me to act these characters out my body movement and voice had to high and strong and I think I succeed in presenting this to the audience. Dramatic Convention: There's a range of dramatic conventions in other words techniques that have been used to create dramatic effects in plays for centuries. There is slow motion we use this to add an effect. By using this technique it helps the audience understand the play also makes me understand it to. We also used freeze frame, this when everyone freezes and that is how we ended the performance. Symbols: Dramas are produced through the use of symbols - or representations - standing in for real things. Many of the following can be understood as symbols. We use symbols to symbolise the performance. You could use props e.g. a torn wedding photograph to represent a divorce, gestures e.g. finger on lips as a symbol of silence, expressions e.g. open mouth to represent surprise, Costume, a white costume as a symbol of innocence, lighting e.g. blue lighting to represent night-time, setting, and dry ice vapour to represent a snowy wood. We used symbols for our costumes and also as a prop. There is an annotated script attached. Sabiha Shorif 11.2 ...read more.

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