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What Is A Perfect Family?

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What Is A Perfect Family? To define a perfect family, one must first define the question: what is a perfect family. A family is "Two or more people who share goals and values, have long-term commitments to one another, and reside usually in the same dwelling place." This means that they are normally related people who live together and support and look after each other. The word "perfect" however, has no real limit. It means "Lacking nothing essential to the whole; complete of its nature or kind." However, nobody can lay out rules for perfection. One person might define a perfect family as "people without arguments" whereas another person might say that a perfect family needs to have an IQ of 250 and have superhuman powers. Even the first ever family - Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel is bad as Cain murders Abel. Is this perfection? Does a perfect family actually exist? The aim of this essay is to find out if there is a perfect family, what is needed for perfection and what qualities are needed. ...read more.


"Am I my brother's keeper?" They must realise that everyone must do their duty in a family and that others' actions will be good/bad for them. A very important quality to have a good family is to respect others' views/wishes. In a family everyone should be treated equally. Arguments should be solved civilisedly and nobody should be put down/ignored - this only leads to jealousy. Families need to care for and look after each other. People need emotional help at bad times and everyone gets ill. Families need to show that they truly care- this strengthens the relationship. Families need good communication. People should not be secretive and keep everything private - most people need someone to talk to and share happiness/sadness with. Bad communication leads to families not understanding each other. Sharing is a quality that is very useful. Whether it is sharing toys or sharing emotions, all families should share time together. ...read more.


In summary, the parts of this essay are very simple. All of the factors needed to make a perfect family are ways of bringing people closer together and strengthening relationships. The qualities that a perfect family shouldn't have are almost opposites of the good qualities. For example, sharing is the opposite of selfishness and respecting others' ideas is the opposite of egotism. In conclusion, there is probably no such thing as a perfect family. No human is perfect, so it is impossible for a group of humans to be totally perfect. There is no limit to perfection. I think that the definition of a perfect family should be "A group of people with such an unbreakable bond of love that they will not separate whatever life throws at them." This does not mean however, that a family that does not separate is perfect, nor does it mean that two people super glued together have an unbreakable bond and are therefore a perfect family. If there was a perfect family, then understanding, love and respect would almost definitely be present. Gopal K Kotecha ...read more.

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