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Why be good?

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Why Be Good? What does "being good," mean? Are integrity and character important? Is being "ethically fit" beneficial to us in the here and now? Philosophers, spiritual thinkers, and religious leaders have pondered these questions throughout the ages. They are even harder to answer today, when it seems as if the fame and fortune of others are a result of so much outrageous, unethical, and just plain bad behaviour. Is striving to be a good person worth it in a world where, too often, people seem to get ahead by being bad? What does being "ethically fit" do for us in the long run? As we are well into the millennium, is being "moral" an old-fashioned notion or a modern human necessity? Do our politicians, corporations, public institutions, and small businesses really profit when they leave ethics behind? In a time when behaving badly is financially rewarded, the question must be asked, why be good? In order to be able to fully answer the question, one must first evaluate the criteria on which the value Good is associated upon. What is good? What is bad? These are the questions, which must first be answered before we can truly understand why to be good or bad. ...read more.


People hurt people. Reason two to be good. Because you will like yourself more. I think self-esteem is earned, not made up in your head. When you do so called "good things" you gain self esteem! Reason three for why be good. Because you will probably be treated better. Generally speaking, people who act good tend to be treated good. It's not a written rule and is doesn't apply to children! We may have been scarred as a child by trying to be good and getting beaten up. And the bully got the girl. Aren't you more likely to be good towards someone who treats you good? Number four. Because it makes you feel good. Compare how you feel after going to a movie or sporting event or some fun thing and how you feel after visiting a hospital or any good deed. You'll find that doing good makes you feel good. It feels good to do good. The trouble is you don't wake up in the morning wanting to do good. That's not the way we're built. Reason five. Because you know how much you want others to be good. ...read more.


I think that the sole reason that you should be good is that you are more likely to be happy. This is because, soon after a week of being bad, nobody will like you for who you are, and so any friends you have, would also be bad people and only interested in your friendship out of some sort of gain for themselves, financially or otherwise. The reasons why people can be content are easily listed, according to John Finnis these reasons are - - Life, living. - Knowledge - Play - Aesthetic Experience - Friendship - Practical Reason - Religion These reasons are clear enough for most people to understand. To be able to truly have these things, you must be good. For a bad person, would not be partaking in practical reason, nor would they receive real friendship. I think that the list of the benefits to be bad are simply more publicised, and so therefore the general public find it easier to be bad and see the gains of being a "bad person" in a simple light. I think I am a good person, for reasons I don't wish to disclose, but think about this. If I were a bad person, would I have done this essay? Josh Igoe - 5th October 2003 - Philosophy and Ethics ...read more.

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