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Why is "Little Britain" funny?

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Why is "Little Britain" funny? The creators are Matt Lucas and David Walliams, who play most of the characters. Matt Lucas is better known as George Dawes from Shooting Stars (the bald, fat baby!). He began his career doing stand-up at eighteen as the character Sir Bernard Chumley, who also appears in Little Britain (the creepy old man with the disabled sister!). He's certainly had lots of experience, and has written for Da Ali G Show, as well as The Guardian newspaper and Attitude (a gay magazine). David Walliams has had less success, but has recently won an award at The British Comedy Awards, receiving the gong of Best Newcomer. Rock Profile, Eastenders (as Alfie's fake registrar), Casualty and even Randall and Hopkirk Deceased all feature on his CV. ...read more.


I found that particular scene embarrassingly funny, but there you go - it won't appeal to everyone! The humour is a bit skewed to say the least, and quite difficult to describe. The jokes are both verbal and visual, and most of the sketches don't even need any sort of punchline because it's the characters that are funny! It has been compared to The League Of Gentleman and The Fast Show but I can't say I've watched either of those shows, so I can't comment! It is hilarious though - witty, original and very, very funny. The show follows the lives of these characters and the situations they put themselves into. It would take me all day to describe each and every one, but I will pick out a few that stand out! ...read more.


in his normal deep voice, and walking in a very man-like fashion with his legs wide apart! Lou is the carer of apparently wheelchair-bound, monosyllablic Andy, who is uncapable of making any decisions. Caring for Andy, who actually has full use of his legs, is an ardous task and can be a 'kerfuffle' at times, but he wouldn't have it any other way. Vicky Pollard is a nonsensical teenager (who really exists - just look outside your local shopping centre and you'll see dozens of Vickys!) who steals cans of Red Bull by sticking them down her leggings. She can be found saying 'Yeah but no but yeah but no shut up! Anyway I can't be pregnant cos I only had sex once.. eight months ago. As...a...joke!' ...read more.

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