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Write a character study of Professor Challenger, including references to the following:

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Write a character study of Professor Challenger, including references to the following: * Factual information about his background, his job, his qualifications, and his skills. * The claims he has made which are disputed, and how he reacts to opposition. * The ways he treats others. (E.g. his wife, Malone, Summerlee, the Indians) * What qualities he reveals (sometimes unintentionally) of himself. * How he speaks of himself Professor Challenger. Professor George Edward Challenger is a very knowledgeable human being, as he was educated at Largs Academy, and then at Edinburgh University. His favourite topics are that of zoology and palaeontology. He has even won a Crayston medal for zoological research. Because of his zoological knowledge and his palaeontological knowledge, he is one of the main protagonists in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's book "The Lost World." He is not a very sociable man, as you will see later, because of his hatred of journalists or any one who works at a newspaper firm. He holds a very important role in The Lost World, because he is the person that organises the expedition to South America to witness Pre-historic life. ...read more.


For example, on page 18, Challenger places his wife upon a pedestal and leaves her upon it until she begs to be let down. Malone who seems to be outraged by Challengers oppressiveness witnesses this incident. Challenger also shows that he has travelled a lot and that he is a very cultured man. For example on page 19 he offers Malone a real San Juan Colorado cigar and explains the art of cutting the end off a cigar and why he shouldn't bite the end off. Challenger is a very knowledgeable person, and he knows it. For when Malone visits Challenger for the first time, he manages to ask Malone questions in order to test his knowledge of nature. This is because Challenger feels that he is in the presence of a reporter. This also shows a cunning and sly side to Challenger as he most probably goes through this with every person who comes to visit him, in order to see if they are the genuine article, and not impostors. The reader gets to see the side of Challenger that is talked about, when on page 37 we see Challenger having to prove his point at the zoological society's lecture on Pre-historic life. ...read more.


He risked everyone's life again when he caused the rope to snap while it was carrying the explorers. They were not very high off the ground, but if they were it could have been fatal. We also see a very peculiar side of Challenger that no one would have expected. He is very vain and self-conscious about his appearance. This all comes to light after Lord Roxton tells Malone how Challenger looks like the king of the ape-men. When Challenger hears of this, he asks Malone not to write about it in his report, for a fear of being laughed at. He does not mind being laughed at because of his views, but if it is his appearance, then he does not want to look a fool in front of the nation. Challenger is I feel portrayed, as a man who shows a lot of courage and knowledge of Pre-historic life. He is a normal human being who has a very short temper. This is the reason he has gained such a bad reputation from the public and the newspapers. He is not a bad person, but a person who holds strong beliefs and wants to share them with the whole world. ?? ?? ?? ?? Paul Barauskas 10E Mr Lewis ...read more.

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