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‘Half-past two’ and ‘Reports’

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20th Century Poetry Coursework I have decided to consider two of the poems by U.A. Fanthorpe. The poems are entitled 'Half-past two' and 'Reports'. I will start by examining the poem Half-past two then the poem Reports. I will then compare the structure, language, phrasing and techniques of each. Half-past two is a poem written with a very simple use of vocabulary. U.A. Fanthorpe has tried to create the poem so it looks like a child has written it. ...read more.


I think that half past two is break time or during break, as later on in the poem it says, 'and must stay in the school room until half past two' This poem also shows a lot of capital letters to emphasise certain words, 'He did something Very Wrong' These capitals are used to underline that what the child has done is bad and wrong and should not be done again. ...read more.


This to me would suggest that the crime was not that big after all as it is partly the teachers fault as she hasn't learnt him the time. It is brought to my attention that the boy has only learnt time in phrases, 'Gettinguptime, Timeyouwereofftime, Tvtime and Timeforkisstime' It states in the poem that the child knew what a clock was but couldn't tell the time, 'He knew the clock face the little eyes and two long legs for walking but couldn't couldn't click its language' The clock face the boy knew was round and had numbers, but couldn't understand how it worked ...read more.

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