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1 Million for Kewing to See Exotic Flowers

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Last Sunday was a shockingly happy day for many who came to enjoy exotic plants at Kew Gardens. Frank and Jane Baker happy winners of the last Euro Millions Rollover, �80m, have decided to give away �1m to Kew Garden visitors. Margaret Smith was there with her family; "Last Sunday we decided to get some fresh air and the best place to go for us was Kew Gardens, which we haven't seen for long time. Soon after we reached the Treetop Walkway area we noticed unusual excitement among people there. They were not walking to the Treetop Walkway direction, they were actually running, shouting, laughing, picking up something from the grass, so we thought that there had been something dangerous happened. But to our astonishment, everybody was trying to collect �20 notes flying down from the top of the closest trees to the Treetop Walkway." ...read more.


I managed to pick up a few of them - all together �100. There were many people there for the same reason. I'm very happy and grateful to the Bakers. Recently, I've had bad luck and I was caught twice on trains without a ticket and I have to pay two penalty fares. With this money, I can pay them easily and still would have some money left for a new perfume." Frank Baker said, that their first plan was to hand over the envelopes with the money but finally they had decided to do both; drop the notes from the Treetop Walkway and hand over the envelopes to those who were on the Treetop Walk. They had problems with the sum, for what would be the best amount to put into the envelopes. Would that be �1,000 or more but they wanted to cheer up as many people as they could. Finally, they decided to put �2,000 into each envelope. ...read more.


The Bakers are planning a trip around the World and then will decide on their future life. F&J Bakers WON'T BAKE ANY MORE The biggest ever Euro Million draw winner Frank Baker 48, took over his job after his father who started this business in 1950, after a few years of working as a Civil Engineer. As a young and ambitious man, he developed a small family business into a prosperous company with four bakeries and a network of ten shops in Brixton. He was born in South London and has been living there ever since. Jane Baker 37, Scotswoman, arrived to London twenty years ago to study. After her first year at Lambeth College, she met Frank, while visiting Kew Gardens for the first time in her life. He impressed her by friendly approach and help with finding the cutest parts of Kew. Then they developed a loving relationship. After finishing her study, they got married and had three children. All the time she worked with her husband. Now they decided they don't need to work any more. ...read more.

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