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A Comment on the Effectiveness of Baz Luhrmans Screen Adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet"

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A Comment on the Effectiveness of Baz Luhrmans Screen Adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet" In this essay I shall be focusing on many types of costume, settings, props and the music/soundtrack. I will try to explain in my own view how each of these points of focus effect the quality of the new film. The differences between the new and the old style of capturing the storyline will be commented on for how they change people's views of the story. I believe the time zone of Baz Luhrman's film has a large effect although many subtle features are still relative to the old style of the story for example; both styles are set in bustling cities with two large families in the midst/grip of an ancient grudge against each other. ...read more.


When the Montague boys are riding in their car they have a loud drum and bass piece of music almost letting you know what these boys are like loud and brash a great effect in this section of the film. I believe the new music is a change of effect for the better with more personality than the old style of music used in other films. During the meeting of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is witnessed wearing the wings of an angel. This symbolises her beauty and perfection. The Angelic feel is not only a clever symbol but part of a modern costume ball. ...read more.


If it were set in a quiet village the star crossed lovers wouldn't have much of an obstacle between them. The scene upon the stage on Verona beach is used as a casual reminder that you are watching a play and it is deliberately being melodramatic. The resulting film has captured the struggle and massive emotions first captured on stage. It has placed them amongst an everyday setting which allows people of all ages to relate to it despite the obvious language barrier. Had Shakespearian language not been used the authentic passion first captured in the tale would have been lost. Baz Luhrman's use of certain devices and styles adds great effect all of which add up to equal if not improve the original play. M.Gell ...read more.

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