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A comparison between 'Tony Kytes - The arch deceiver' by Thomas Hardy and 'Seeing a beauty queen home' by Bill Naughton.

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A comparison between 'Tony Kytes -The arch deceiver' by Thomas Hardy and 'Seeing a beauty queen home' by Bill Naughton. The tone of 'Tony Kytes - The arch deceiver' is humorous throughout. We find ourselves smiling with exasperation as Tony's antics descend further and further into farce for example ' "Of course you must come along wi me", Says Tony, feeling a dim sort of sweat rising up inside his clothes.' There is a discrepancy between the understated mildness of the language and the wildly bizarre chain of events it is describing. Even at the climax of the story, when all the girls have discovered each other's existence Tony merely says ' Don't ye quarrel my dears - don't ye!' This shows that Tony doesn't want the girls getting upset over him. In contrast 'Seeing a beauty queen home' is full of a man who doesn't have any feelings for the women he takes home; he is hoping to be let in for a coffee and maybe more. ...read more.


The one we get to know best of all is Tony. Through conversation with the girls he reveals himself to be indecisive, weak but well meaning character and the narrator tells us he is a bit of a looker. 'Little round firm tight face with a seam here and there left by smallpox but not enough to hurt his looks in a woman's eyes' He finds it difficult to refuse any of the girls a lift home, and seems blinded by the beauty of each of them when the others were out of sight as when he see's Unity 'I never knowed you was so pretty before!' The female characters are not very diverse, and they are described very superficially as stereotypes of manipulative femininity as he says Milly is ' Nice, light, small, tender litlle thing' And Unity is 'Dearest' 'darling handsome girl' Finally Hannah is 'Young beauty, first love' This shows that these girls are what every man wants. Where as 'Seeing A Beauty Queen Home' Rudy's sees Maggie as 'Heavy legged' With a 'Damn big powdery chin' But he walks her home because she's a beauty queen. ...read more.


There was little opportunity for them to work and become financially independent and so a women's father literally gave her away, in the marriage service to become her husband financial responsibility. Women therefore directed all their energies into finding a husband using whatever cunning was necessary. Most of the women show strength of character: Maggie throws Rudy out in to the dark rainy night because he's 'Too bloody smart', Hannah refuses to marry Tony, 'I do refuse him' As so does Unity. We might feel sorry for Milly because she is Tony's last choice and she accepts this shows that Milly Has Fulfilled the stereotype I mentioned earlier. Today the situation is very different and women are under no pressure to marry. In the case of 'Seeing A Beauty queen home' the period in which it was written is highly relevant, it is only recently that it has been acceptable for two strangers to go home with one another. The women in both stories appear at first to be from different worlds with nothing in common, however they are, in fact united by their femaleness: vulnerability that they share simply by being women, trying have a relationship with a man. Deanne Hawkins ...read more.

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