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A Day In My Life!

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A Day In My Life! The birds were already calling to each other in the early morning stillness from the backyard, as saw a glimpse of the rising sun sliding through my window. It all seemed as just another normal day of my life, when I suddenly remembered that this was the day I have being anticipating for a long time and no doubt is going to change my life forever. The flight to London was past midnight and I will be going back to the land I was born after fifteen long years. I had to go out to the back garden and inhale a breath of morning fresh air for one last time. The leaves on the trees rusted gently in the barest breeze as my parents stood in the damp grass, sipping their morning cup of tea. I joined my parents and we spoke for a little while about our future plans. They reminded me that we were expected at my grandmother's house for supper. ...read more.


Since then she shared things with me that had being long buried and were almost forgotten. She used to say 'there is a big world out their little girl, with many beautiful places in it, not many better than this, but they are worth seeing nonetheless. As I just remembered this I felt pang of guilt for leaving her behind and starting off a new life in England. The evening seemed to fly by, and my parents said to me that we must go home and prepare for the flight, which was due in less than five hours. Everyone wished us well and said tearful goodbyes. When we got back home, I was relieved because we had finished most of our packing. I was careful not to leave anything important behind while I was doing some last minute packing. After what seemed like two hours we were on our way to the airport. I peered out of the car window and saw the streets that were surrounding us. ...read more.


I cannot find the words to describe how I felt then but I know I was very excited. First I saw the lush green leaves spread out like a massive canopy then little by little buildings emerging. We met my uncle at the Heathrow Airport who had come to pick us up. We were to spend the night at my uncle's house until we go to our own house the following day. As I walked out of the massive airport I was feeling numb. I think I was felt fear and happiness at the same time. Once again I was peering through the windows. The roads (or motorways as we call it in England) were huge in comparison to most roads in Sri Lanka and there were thousands of buildings, mostly made out of bricks lying on either side of the road. It was early morning when we got to my uncle's house and his family warmly welcomed us. I was exhausted by the journey and went to get some sleep after awhile. As I lay on my bed I thought about everyone I had left behind and whether my life will ever be the same. ...read more.

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