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A Fairy Day

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´╗┐Ogi Ovidev 2M A Day in the Life of a Fairy Hello, I am Indeedy, the fairy of telekinesis and invisibility. I lift anything thing I want (I really mean anything), with my mind, and I can stay invisible for VERY long periods of time. And of course, I use the powers for good. The good is me laughing at other people?s expense. You could say I?m evil, but I am not. I am simply a person who uses their powers for fun. So, what do I do in a day you ask? Well, the first thing I do is start some morning disruption. I fly around the town, looking for fast food places. ...read more.


Now that I?m fully energised, I go to the gym, to cause pandemonium. First of all, I set the treadmills on full speed, so everyone goes flying. Then, I?ll throw some exercise balls and break any equipment, and finally, to top it all off, I?ll smash up the front desk. Whilst I fly around town, I?ll make sure to steal some clothes from drying racks, and make people step on thumbtacks. I?ll make sure their ceiling has some cracks, and maybe even hit a Jack. And whilst I?ll be on the attack, I?ll try and make a duck say quack. I?ll take off some ones blue striped cap, and stop the mic on a rhythm filled rap. ...read more.


and tell them that school has been suspended for the rest of the week. The looks on their faces are priceless, except for the people who actually like staying in school. So everybody runs out into the streets, and the teachers can?t do anything to stop them!!!! The fiasco usually ends up on the news, and MPs start blaming the innocent teachers. In the evening, as it is rush hour, I will change all of the traffic lights to red, so nobody can pass. Sometimes, if I?m feeling really evil, I?ll cut out the electricity for some parts of town. But then, as the day draws to a close, sadly I will head back to my humble abode, thinking about the day, and what I?ll do tomorrow. So as I brush my teeth, and tuck myself in my bed, everything will fade away. ...read more.

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