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A father's love

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Jenny Steadman A father's love Emma sits on a battered leather armchair in a plain living room. It is early evening. I really shouldn't have got out of bed this morning (pause) it's just been one thing after another today. I was late for school because the alarm never went off so I missed the bus and had to walk (pause) and to top things off a bird thought my head was the ideal spot to relieve itself. I was in such a rush to get to school that I left my homework and the money for the class trip on the kitchen table. "This just isn't good enough Emma, I expect more from you" Miss Adams said. I mean it wasn't my fault that the alarm never went off. Naturally I had to stay behind for ten minutes after school; I had to run to the chemist before it shut but I was too late it had already closed. He has to wait until next week for his medication now. To top it all off I left the money for the shopping on the mantle piece so I couldn't get anything for tea. ...read more.


I think he needs to be told that he can't keep acting like this, I need some support. Who's looking after me when he goes off on one? I've got needs too. A door slams off stage He's home! It is early morning. Emma is putting on make up in the bathroom mirror Dad wasn't happy that I hadn't made him anything to eat, it wasn't my fault though. How was I meant to know that he hadn't eaten? He never told me to make him his tea. He had had a lot to drink and I know that he doesn't mean the things that he say's and does. I think that it was my fault, I should know by now that it doesn't take much for him to fly off the handle. I should handle things better. He says that I never learn my lesson and I suppose it's true because there's always a next time, it always happens again. I won't tell Mum about this, she'll only overreact and she doesn't need the hassle right now. It's not as if it happens all the time, just when he's moody. ...read more.


He said that everything will be okay and that he's gonna look after me from now on. I believe him, I think things will change for the better and me and Dad can get on with things. He went down the pub for a swift half, he said he wouldn't be too late and that I shouldn't wait up for him but it's getting on a bit now. His mobile phone is off again so I can't get hold of him, I'm sure he'll be okay though. I might just give me Nan a quick call, just to see if he's there (pause) but if he's not she'll only worry and I don't want that. I despair of that man, he promised me that he wasn't going to do this anymore, but he's probably just lost track of time or something, there will be a perfectly good explanation for it. I should really go to bed but I know that I won't settle unless he's in, he shouldn't be too much longer now though, I just hope that he isn't doing anything stupid like donating all his money to the local landlord again. I'm just praying that he isn't drunk again. A door slams and a man is heard shouting from off stage He's home! (Frightened) Go to black Word Count 1,510 ...read more.

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