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Mind Games: Brief Article Analysis

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'Mind Games': Brief Article Analysis The article 'Mind Games' effectively uses a number of features and devices in order to back up its informative structure. The headline 'Mind games' already uses word play, making the meaning two fold: mental manipulation and keeping the brain active by games which stimulate the mind. Moreover, the subheading uses alliteration : "to build not only a better body but a better brain?", reinforced with the effective use of a rhetorical question which invites us to read on and find the answer.. The writer, Wendy Berliner successfully uses these devices to create a strong point suggesting that being active may have a correlation with academic levels. ...read more.


This is backed up stating that 'US studies have shown that, for example, listening to classical music can raise the IQ and that slumping on a couch to watch tv may cause alzheimer's'. An experts point of view adds authenticity and reliability to the article and for those who opposed the point being made, may change their opinion. Moreover, for some this may be worrying as 'slumping on a couch' may have negative effects on a child and therefore, the parent may be convinced and persuaded. A majority of the article uses facts and statistics throughout in order to stress the importance of making children more active and minimizing the mindset of laziness. ...read more.


Furthermore, the use of a group of three effectively shows us the advantage of students which were more active as in class they were 'more calm and attentive and exhibited fewer disciplinary problems. Overall, the article presents and very strong argument in favour of valuing exercise highly since 'There does seem to be a strong correlation between high levels of physical activity and high academic achievements.' This statement as mentioned by Ben Tan who has 'reviewed much research' is reinforced with the repetition of 'high' and alliteration on 'academic achievements' as this draws our attention. In conclusion, its use of constant evidence from researches and direct quotations allow it to be very reliable. It concludes very effectively and successfully, linking back to the main argument with the word 'if', showing the possibility of high success that the 'government was looking for all along.' ...read more.

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