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A Person has the Choice to end their Life when they Wish - Discuss

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'A person has the right to end their life when they wish' - Discuss By Luke Warner Throughout history, the act of committing suicide has been punished in almost every country in the world; however in modern society it is becoming more and more acceptable. According to the online dictionary, suicide is "Intentionally taking one's own life"1. While this definition is in almost all situations correct, many disagree with the ethics of suicide, and therefore it is a controversial topic. However an equally hot subject is the fact that in Britain, Suicide is legal under legislation, while euthanasia or assisting somebody else's suicide is not, and as a result fierce debating has raged on over these questionable laws 2. The following paragraphs will discuss various cases to do with suicide and euthanasia, present the arguments for and against suicide, and attempt to decide whether it is one's right to end their life whenever they want. ...read more.


However the Diane Pretty Case casted more doubt on the laws on Euthanasia in the UK, where Mrs. Pretty was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, a neuro-degenerative disease which deteriorated as time went on, affecting her ability to communicate with others. She attempted to have the British Laws changed, so she could be euthanized, although the Courts rejected her requests, and she died naturally, contrary to what she wished for so long4. Many feel that suicide should be allowed only if the person committing it is of sound judgement, and does not have any mental health issues. For example, the decision making skills of a patient with severe schizophrenia and paranoia may wish to commit suicide, when if they did not have the conditions they would not. Such cases are numerous in the world, and many are sceptical of permitting suicide as the person's view may be impaired due to psychological issues. ...read more.


In fact, a poll on the internet for people from all countries showed that 74% of people felt that it is one's right to end their life when they want5. A few years ago, a rugby player paralysed in a car crash travelled to Switzerland to be Euthanized, and generally society agreed that it was his right to do this. Many feel that if it is one's right to live, then it is also their right to die when they want to. Many believe that Euthanasia is essentially legal murder. In my opinion, it is not, and although in some cases individuals may do it for some sort of benefit, Euthanasia and suicide should be permitted, especially for the terminally ill, mentally ill (depending on the condition), and the physically disabled (also depending on the condition). While suicide can have devastating effects on relatives and friends, it is everybody's right to commit suicide if they feel it is right. However it is also essential that they receive counselling, and are able to talk to somebody about their situation. ...read more.

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Response to the question

This question asks candidates to discuss (argue) whether or not they believe suicide and euthanasia should be legal. The candidate here present an exceptionally well-balanced argument both for and against euthanasia, whilst appreciating and recognising how some other people may ...

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Response to the question

This question asks candidates to discuss (argue) whether or not they believe suicide and euthanasia should be legal. The candidate here present an exceptionally well-balanced argument both for and against euthanasia, whilst appreciating and recognising how some other people may think differently to himself. Throughout the response there is a constant focus on the question and all aspects of a well-structured argument are present.

Level of analysis

The Level of Analysis here is well above average for GCSE level. It's a delight to read such a well-informed response that not only voices their own opinions, but takes sensitively the views of some societies and cultures that may have a different view to him (the mention of religious societies disagreeing as God should be the deciding factor in life and death, etc.).
There is clearly-established knowledge of the subject matter, drawing on real life cases (Tony Bland, Diane Pretty and Debbie Purdy's legalisation of euthanasia in Switzerland; he touches on how society views that too) whilst writing the argument, and this shows the candidate to have an extensive and appropriate knowledge of suicide, voluntary and involuntary euthanasia.

Employing rhetorical devices, statistics and factual information strengthen his argument, and this is a tactic that should be attended to by all candidates. To include these features make an argument more potent in what's it's arguing for. But many candidates many forget to appreciate that other people have a different view to them. The question specifically asks for the candidates to "discuss", meaning they have to present at least one other opinion, regardless if it clashes with their own, and they must remain unbiased. This candidate masterfully adopts objectivity and explains how other people may think about suicide and euthanasia (that it should only be the decision of someone who is of sound judgement so, not the mentally insane or children under the age of 18, etc.). The answer is rounded off nicely with a neat conclusion outlining the condition of why the candidate believes suicide and euthanasia should be legalised. This paragraph is an excellent example of how a conclusion must address the entirety of the essay and then draw together the findings and opinions explored.

Quality of writing

The Quality of Written Communication (QWC) is excellent. There is possibly an overuse of parentheses that could otherwise be expanded into longer, more complex sentence structures to show the examiner their adeptness with varying sentence types, but nonetheless, this is a well-written, well-expressed essay with very few comments to be made about QWC.

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Reviewed by sydneyhopcroft 17/02/2012

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