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A Study Of Reality TV

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GCSE Media Assignment "A Discussion of Reality TV" The genre of reality television has become immensely popular in recent years, particularly in the United Kingdom. According to the Learning and Skills Council, one in seven UK teenagers hope to gain fame by appearing on reality television. There are many different forms of reality television, with some of the most popular formats being "fly-on-the-wall" or challenges where contestants must perform daring or daunting tasks to earn the vote or backing of the viewing audience. In some programmes the viewers have the power to vote who continues or stays in the competition. It provides them with an inside look into people's lives; celebrities or "normal, straight off the street". It allows the viewers to act nosily and watch how other people live their lives, or how they deal with certain situations. This sort of behaviour is usually deemed unacceptable in society, yet when it is on our televisions it is perfectly acceptable, even encouraged by advertisers. ...read more.


Issues such as racism and discrimination will be raised and be openly discussed should an incident occur. This way these issues will remain in the minds of the general public and so there will be a greater urge to tackle these problems which linger in Britain today. There was a huge backlash against Jade Goody after her involvement in a scandal in Celebrity Big Brother 6, having made a racist remark aimed at Shilpa Shetty. This is encouraging sign that racism, amongst other problems, is being tackled via the media. It does however show that there is an element of racism lingering today, even amongst celebrities. Celebrities can provide role models for the public and so when these people appear in reality television programmes, viewers can witness for themselves what celebrities are genuinely like. As some programmes will be broadcasted almost live, anything that is said or done will be viewed by millions. ...read more.


It has been argued that programmes such as Big Brother are just forms of voyeurism, something we would not admit to in everyday life. The fact that we enjoy watching the lives of others, especially when faced with difficult or humiliating tasks, cannot be healthy. Viewer's lives can be taken over for a few weeks watching, talking and thinking about the latest show. It can be that addicting. Why is this the case though? Perhaps it is the sense of having a God-like power of controlling the lives of others. Or maybe it is because we find the lives of others so much more fascinating and interesting compared to our own, especially that of the people we look up to. It could just be human nature; the enjoyment gained from seeing into the lives of others. Although many people would say that they would never take part in a reality television programme, I am quite sure that the lure of a chance of winning a large cash sum would come before preserving dignity. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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