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A Survivor Account from the RMS Titanic

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A Survivor Account from the RMS Titanic Sitting staring at the beautiful scenery that I can see from my small home where I came to retire in Chester, the memories of the disaster that happened seventy years before in the very early hours of April 15th 1912. At the time of tragedy I was only engaged to Charles but now he is my husband and the man I share this house with. To this day in spite of everything I still hear the screams and dream the terrifying event continuously night after night, the coldness and pain still rushes through my blood and sends a shiver down my spine. Two months before I boarded the ship with my parents and siblings, I was sitting, trying to relax, on the veranda of Sheaphead's hotel, Cairo accompanied by my dearest friend William Sloper. A rather odd looking little man approached me with meaningful words he cautioned my subsequent journey's traveled by boat as he explained that in a dream he had seen me afloat on an open boat. He tried to assure me that I was to lose everything except my life. I was bemused and seemed to doubt the little mans words, I handed him a small amount of change and sat and gaze and examine him as he proceeded and disappeared into the teeming crowd. ...read more.


warm clothes, I took mine and helped my mother correctly place over her head and tie the long straps around her waist as well as doing mine. One of the crew spoke, "there is nothing to worry about just Captains precautions" a massive bang went off, which I later found out was a distress signal he continued, "Make sure warm clothing is worn and that people begin to make their way outside". Others made many complaints around us but we did as we were told, no arguments or conversation. It was cold outside, and ice was scattered over the deck. I rubbed my hands together, my father grabbed them and rubbed them for warmth, "stay calm child, everything will be fine", I smiled shyly as a tear left my eye, was this what the man meant, I was going to lose my family. I was now very scared but all the bellow and holler of voices, the bang of the distress signals, and the screeching of boats as they were prepared for lowering. Even the crew thought that this was pointless, nothing was going to happen everything would be fine but children and female members of the passengers aboard were being asked to climb into the boats and were lowered out to sea. ...read more.


I knew he was lost, I did not cry anymore I shivered not only from the cold, that man new this was to happen. How? I was toot tired to sleep, to confused to think. As we arrived finally in New York I realized that I was to meet my fianc�, the crowd all wept as many were greeting relatives asking helplessly if we had seen their love ones. Charles stood in the crowd searching, I saw him, my face lit instantly but only for a second. I ran towards him and just let him hold me for a while; he knew not to speak yet. We married on June 8th 1912 and moved to Canada where Charles was profusely wealthy and achieved much as he gained prominence in business and government affairs. Practicing law federation, New Brunswick later helped him achieve Assistant to the Canadian Manager, Director of National Surety Company in Montreal. One daughter was given to us, Mary McDougald Norris. I never forget the event, I think about what I should have done, I should have made them go for survivors or stayed with my father. I regret many things but my daughter and husband always brought me hope through the hard times that there are many. Alice Elizabeth Fortune was 24 when she boarded the Titanic; she died an old age of 74, on The 7th April 1961 and is now buried in the cemetery in Chester. ...read more.

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