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A Thrilling Experience.

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A Thrilling Experience Today should have started like any other day, but awakening to a blurry stranger's face it already began to feel awkward. As I rubbed my eyes a strange speckled white face with red blood lips and large hairy eye brows stared upon my body giving a sense as though he was piercing into my soul. It was time for me to leap out of my bed and ask the mysterious man what he's doing in my house and most of all what he was doing in my room. The mystery was soon solved with a shock running down my spine as he told me that my foolish dad had left the door open before he headed for work. He thought it was perfectly fine for him to leap himself into the house and cause havoc in my bedroom. He told me of an awaiting adventure he had planned and he wanted me to come with him. He said with a smirk on his face that he wanted me to come and meet his friends and hang out with them. ...read more.


Fireworks were something that my family disapproved of. Big Boss bellowed looking everyone in the eye "we all in" as everyone shouted "yeeeeaaah". At this point we heard a police car siren and we all split up and ran off. On the way back Klitcoff was real excited boasting about his past crimes. He showed me a big knife which he claimed to have used to chop some one's finger off. I thought of him being ruthless and insane which lead me to make my decision of not taking part in they mischief, in not getting caught up in any trouble. I had a life and a family unlike the miserable Klitcoff who lived of the rod in his rented apartment, so I headed off home. The next day I was riding down my street on my posh bike when I saw Klitcoff running hastily towards me with two big black bin liners filled with fireworks. He had just robbed the factory. He stopped me angrily and asked why I did not come with them today and I replied that I had important business to attend. ...read more.


All I told myself was not to turn around and to just keep and running. I had left all my fireworks behind, all that I had now was a small sparkler in my hand with its small golden red flame slowly fading away. I had nothing left at all. I thought about the trouble I was in, those cold gloomy bars I would be put behind in the cell. My life was totally ruined. I cursed myself for being so na�ve. Klitcoff was no friend, he was nothing more then an enemy and all of this just happened because my crazy dad had left the door open in the morning because he was getting late for work. None of this would have happened. I was going mad. I finally stopped running and looked behind only to find nothing, no police, no tall man with a bullet proof west stalking me. I walked back to where everything turned bad and found two bags still full of fireworks. I finally came to my senses and returned the fireworks to Klitcoff with an extra �5 and got my bike back. I had learnt something never to be forgotten ever again "Never trust a stranger". Mohammed Ismail Ayub 1 ...read more.

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