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Act 2 Scene 8 - Educating Rita

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Act2 Scene8 The lights come up on FRANK sitting anxiously at a desk in an office with a large window and bookcases LEFT, on one wall hangs a good print of a nude religious scene. FRANK is reading through some essays and occasionally mutters something about them, eventually there is a knock at the door. Frank: Come in Rita enters and faces Frank, there is a short pause before Rita takes off her coat to reveal the dress which Frank gave her. Rita: D'y like it then Frank: (Somewhat taken aback) Rita! What the hell are you doing here! Rita: Is that anyway to treat an old friend, I though y' might at least be pleased to see me. Frank: No, no I am, I just wasn't expecting to see you. In your last letter you said that you were staying in Manchester until you had finished your literature course at the university. Rita: Tch. ...read more.


Rita: Tch. It will kill you y' know Frank, its like what Trish used say, erm...oh yeah - Drinking is a frivolous dispensation of the prosperous, or some rubbish like that. Frank: (laughing) Trish used to say that. Rita: Well, I moved out of her place about four months ago, I've got me own flat now. Frank: Why did you move? Rita: Trish got a bit to pretentious if y' know what I mean. When I first met her I looked up to her because I wanted to have my opinions not your ones Frank. I thought that you couldn't tell me what to do anymore. I thought I could think for me-self. But then I realized that when I was with Trish I just had her views and not my own so I was basically back to square one. Frank: So what did you do? Rita: I told her that I needed a change of scene so I got myself enrolled to do this course at Manchester and I rent a flat up there and work in a hairdresser. ...read more.


Frank: Not even by Miriam, however lovely she may be. Rita: Ah well, I hope you two last longer than you did with that other bird, what was her name? Frank: Julia? Rita: Yeh Julia, but she was always a bit to serious for you if you ask me. Frank: I didn't. Anyway Rita, I hate to say it but I have a pupil coming in half an hour and so I will have to adjourn this little meeting of ours, how long are you staying in Sydney? Rita: Till Thursday. Frank: Ok... Well then can you meet me here tomorrow evening we can go out somewhere. Rita: (Hopefully) To a play? Frank: (Sighing) Alright then, to a play, Twelfth Night alright? Rita: Twelfth Night's perfect. Frank: Until then Rita, or should I say (Smiliing) Susan. Rita: (Turning towards the door) Until then Frank. Rita goes towards the door and as she is about to exit turns back towards Frank. By the way Frank, Rita is fine. Rita exits and once she has left the stage Frank sinks back into his chair and takes a large drink of his whiskey. Black Out. ...read more.

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