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Educating Rita - Directing Act 1, Scene 7.

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Educating Rita - Directing Act 1, Scene 7 In Act 1, Scene 7, Rita does not turn up at Frank's dinner party. She feels like a social misfit. Her mother's regret makes her determined to go on with her education. The general acting by the two characters will involve reading the script, as in the book, and by following any stage directions that are included in the script. The setting of the whole scene is in Frank's office. The costume will follow the guidelines of the book, i.e. how we think the characters would look like, and when we think the play was set in. Frank's costume will be a shirt, tie (maybe a bow-tie), trousers and braces. As you can see, we feel that Frank is old-fashioned. Rita's costume will be a powder blue and pink tracksuit with a couple of designer logos printed medium sized near the left shoulder and one on the right side of the upper leg. ...read more.


Frank's mood and motivation seems to make him semi drunk. This makes Frank not seem to be very bothered with Rita not turning up at the dinner party the night before. At the start of the scene, Frank seems to be angry (though he really is not), however as the scene goes on, he starts to get calmer, and maybe start to sympathise with her, as he knows the reason for her not turning up at the dinner party. Rita's mood in Act 1, Scene 7 seems to make her feel very regretful. She is putting on a brave face when she goes to meet Frank as she is questioning the fact of whether she wants to be educated or not. By the end of the scene, she does choose to be educated after what her mother had said. At the start of the scene, Rita seems to be very regretful, but still quite calm. As the scene progresses, Rita starts to get angry as Frank says some things which make her get angry, for example, Frank: ... ...read more.


Rita: Well? Frank: Well what? Rita: Well you wouldn't take sweet sparkling wine, would y'? This creates the feeling of suspense. And, you could say these lines quite slowly, Frank: Why couldn't you relax? It wasn't a fancy dress party. You could have come as yourself. Don't you realise how people would have seen you if you'd just - just breezed in? Mm? They would have seen someone who's funny, delightful, charming... This creates the feeling of calmness. Humour could be created in Act 1, Scene 2 by Rita smiling (and maybe cracking up laughing) when Frank says, Frank: 'Sorry couldn't come', scribbled on the back of you essay... This way, the whole of the scene does not seem to be down. The stage directions and where the props will be are shown in the stage map on the next page. Frank will come on from stage right and he will go and slump down in his swivel chair as soon as he comes on. Rita will come on from stage left after a knock on the door. She will go to the bin and she will start to sharpen her pencils. Mithun Rama 10dha English Homework Miss. Christie ...read more.

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