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All are Punished

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All are Punished "We went dancing,'" sang a young woman from Liverpool as she danced the night away with the love of her life. Victoria lived in a council house on a run down estate, just up the road from an affluent estate. There were plenty of litterbins on the side of the road but no rubbish in them, it was all around the place as thought it had never been cleaned. The paint was peeling off the front doors, there were cracks on the walls and lots of windows were boarded up. The estate was a mess. Victoria's new man had just moved in with her. He had seduced her by telling her she looked like Marilyn Munroe. They went dancing every night; they were young and foolish. To them, life was a ball. They were young, in love and carefree enough to let Victoria get pregnant, so they got married and Victoria had her first child, Emily. They became even poorer than they already were. Victoria became pregnant again and had another baby boy, named Tod. She decided that she was destined to have many babies. About a month after the sixth baby was born, her husband left her for a younger woman without a multitude of babies. Victoria struggled on in her hard life, not paying for anything, just signing to pay for things to come from the mail-order catalogue and sighing as the bailiffs came to remove the stuff. ...read more.


This made Mary stop in her tracks, "No! You can't!" She said, "We made a pact." So Victoria lamented and went home saddened. Victoria and her children's situation became worse and worse because they became poorer and poorer because of Victoria's lack of employment. Edward and Mickey grew up and went to separate schools. They eventually met up when they were both out playing at the age of eight. They became best friends and Mickey taught Edward all the "naughty words." They even became blood brothers using Mickey's brother Sammy's penknife. One day, Victoria came outside to call Mickey for his tea and saw them together. She instantly recognised Edward and asked him what he was doing down "this end of the street" and "What would your mother say?" She told him to run along home and that Mickey would be out tomorrow. When Edward got home his mother had been very worried. She scolded him and asked him where he'd been. Being an innocent eight year old, Edward couldn't lie and told his mother. She told him never to go there again and that he wasn't to be friends with Mickey. He swore at her using the new words he had learnt from Mickey and she was taken aback. She sent him to his room. Mary decided that if she was going to keep "her son" away from Mickey then she would have to convince Ian to move house to the countryside; Ian, however, was strongly opposed to the idea because his job was in that area. ...read more.


He became depressed and withdrawn. When Linda visited him, he hardly talked to her at all and easily became upset. He got out of prison three years later, two years early for good behaviour. But this didn't help his depression. While he had been in prison Linda had been having an affair with Edward. When he got out Edwards mother found him at their home and told him of Linda and Edward's affair. This was too much; Mickey found a gun and went in search of Edward. He eventually found him with Linda, but they were just talking. When accused of the affair, both Edward and Linda burst into tears and said they were sorry. But there was no stopping the crazed Mickey and he threatened to shoot Edward. The police arrived by this time, but this only agitated Mickey more and he raised the pistol. Then after a warning from the police of "trained marksman," he lowered the gun. Mickey's mother then arrived and was so astounded by the whole thing that she told them outright that they were brothers and had been separated at birth. This was the wrong thing to do. Whether by fate or just sheer madness Mickey got all worked up again, so much so that he shot Edward. Immediately afterwards the police marksman shot Mickey. They were both dead. Everyone was taken aback as they took in the bereavement. Mickey's mother cried, "say it's just pretend, say it's not the end!" But, unfortunately, it was. ?? ?? ?? ?? Andrew Dawson 4U 14/5/01 ...read more.

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