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american president essay

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To what extent do ethnic minorities influence voting behavior in the USA? Race and ethnicity are important factors in influencing voting because in 2004 white men who account for 32% of voter's votes 62% to 37% in favor of republicans and white woman voted 55% to 44% in favor. However, among the non-whites who accounted for 22% of the election, men voted 67% to 30% in favor of the democrats and women were supporters by 75% to 24%. Therefore race and ethnicity are important factors in voting in the election. There was a significant increase in the number of blacks representatives elected in the House of Representatives, in 1993. ...read more.


The Hispanics vote is more than blacks, which will influence the republican vote because that's who the majority vote for. In 1996 Hispanic turnout was 26.7%. It rose to 27.5% in 200 and by 2004 it was 28%. Even though this is a small percentage increase the Hispanic population is the fastest growing group in the USA so the amount voting is rising dramatically. The Hispanic population eligible to vote rose from 10.4 million in 1994 to 16.1 million in 2004 and it will continue to rise. In 2000 over 6 million Hispanics voted and in 2004 9.3 million voted. This is an increase of 50% in four years. ...read more.


This will make the Hispanics not want to vote because they are under represented. There was a law that was introduced to increase minority turn out which is called the motor-voter law. This law did not have the expected effect than first thought. In 1995 voters could register at driver license centers and public assistance offices. This law was to increase voters of the poor and ethnic minorities. However the republicans party made the most out of this law because its support rose in more states than the democrats .They have been in congress ever since this law was made and they are far lass interested in black issues. Over all ethnic minorities have a big part to play in influencing voting behavior because if the majority voted then there would be a huge difference in the outcome of the result of the polls. ...read more.

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